Michigan Appeals Court Overturns "Brandishing" Conviction

This is a step in the right direction

We don’t often see a court recognizing that “branding” should be recognized as a justifiable use of a firearm in a self defense situation. That"s something I’d like to see nationally reciprocated.



In pretty much every state as long as you have a lawful use of deadly force showing drawing and/or exposing your firearm is lawful which is one reason we probably hear so little about it.

Remember we have up to 2.5 million DGU’s every year and only a very tiny fraction of them ever involve firing one.

Some states take it further and you may show/display or firearm even absent a lawful use of force to prevent an escalating situation from blowing up.

Good ruling and nice it made at least one headline.

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I agree with the holding but also believe it could very well be a critical and fatal mistake pointing a rock at someone since an unloaded firearm is as useful as a rock from a self defense perspective.


Agreed. An unloaded weapon, or one held by some who WON’T fire, is just a funny shaped rock made of steel.