Brandishing is not wise

Texas Woman Brandishes Gun Over Parking Spot; Gets Sued for $1 Million (

The last time that I listed an article on Brandishing a Firearm was about a year and a half ago.
Brandishing here is not an accident and the last known issues on Brandishing, people have died and those articles, people have made many excuses and tried many times to forget them.

Only request made here is, please never pull a firearm on anyone and threaten. People have died
because of some strange purpose to illegally use a firearm to correct arguments of any type.
Assault, Felony Assault, Use of deadly force, and many other charges can be brought up in any legal process and people face these challenges many times a year; the final problems are jail and / or death.

Holidays are here and the pressure of trouble lingers heavily.

Our USCCA Instructors and Staff have worked very to educate us and give us the help we need to
overcome any issues of Concealment and Carrying of any firearm for Personal Protection and I feel that they have our full interest and well-being at heart to protect and educate. I am not an Attorney or a Rocket Scientist here, but I have learned many great things in the past 5 years; give USSCA a chance and learn.


Stupidity never goes well with right to possess the firearms.
Unfortunately people forget why do they carry.


They do

Phrases like imminent deadly threat or imminent threat of serious bodily harm or death seem to escape these people.


a woman had parked behind another vehicle, got out of her car, and pointed a gun at the people inside of the car, including a woman’s six-month-old child. The woman threatened to shoot them over the parking space.

Under the circumstances, it is also a reminder to the people inside the car to consider carrying. Pointing a gun at a baby doesnt exactly paint a picture of a person in control of their faculties.


It is my very sad observation that simply attaining a particular age -say 21- is no indicator of maturity or the ability to reason. When I hear a story of someone brandishing a weapon in order to win an argument or get their way, I am reminded of the kids you see in Walmart, throwing a noisy tantrum to get what they want. Too often it works for them, largely because Mommy and/or Daddy can’t be bothered to do some parenting., and maybe didn’t get much parenting themselves.

One of my biggest fears is that one day, given enough time and reproduction, the whole world will be run by these superannuated toddlers.



I question how the monetary damages will be supported but people need to stop being stupid.


Amen, brother!

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From the Article
And this woman is lucky someone inside the car didn’t have a gun as well, or this could have turned out much different.

1st ( 2 part question)
What would be the consequence if the car owner had a CCW and shot the lady and killed her? will the Person who shot go to trial or just a police report, and that is it?

2nd question
Also, do the police confiscate the owner’s weapon if the shooting was justified?.

3rd Question
If I was a bystander, I witnessed, and I draw my CCW and tell her to stand down and the threaten points weapon at me, and I shoot- What are the consequences?

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1 and 3. If anyone points the gun at a baby (I assume that part of the story is accurate), and either a parent of the child or a bystander respond with deadly force, it is justifyable. There is no cobceivable case where a baby initiates a conflict with armed adult.

  1. yes they will. Arrest you, too. Maybe even charge you, dont be surprized. They gotta charge someone who has a pulse, right? There is a protocol that USCCA teaches you to follow after defending your life, or life of another innocent human being.

I am now thinking I see this happen_I act like a Millennial take out my phone and video what happens and hope the baby is not killed. This is the crap I think about when I read article like this one. I am not a Millennial and I would help- at the same time I have a family to protect and care for. The Law at times is fing dumb

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Depends on what you see. Your primary responsibility does lie with your family, there is no argument. Humans however, are such creatures… you may see something that you wont be able to ever unsee or forgive yourself for inaction. I think not committing to particular course of action, but instead to maintaining situational awareness, training, and knowledge of the Law, makes best sense.


sound advise

All are valid, and add unintended consequences and here in is disaster. Someone is injured or killed over a parking space!

Hey Jerzy, Good morning to you. Yeah on this topic. I have always tried to ingrain in myself to never draw my side arm unless I intend to fire. I’m sure under some circumstances it may possibly save a life.


It is deadly to stick a firearm in someone’s face. It has happened in Florida a couple of years ago
to an unarmed man, over a stupid handicap parking spot. They can have the whole complete
parking lot and I can stay home. Thank you.

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Darwin’s law… The dumb will always fail at whatever is to be done right. Sometimes its good that a dumb one gets hurt. Its to warn and restrain the other “latent” dumb ones to lay low.


Stupidity never goes well with right to possess the firearms.
Unfortunately people forget why do they carry.

"Dumb can not understand. …Stupid will not understand.

She deserves to have her weapon taken away and never permitted again!

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We have a government now that Encourages Violence! And does nothing about it. Try’s to convict Law enforcement officers for doing their jobs and wants to take our right to defend ourselves away! A lot of our Government people from the President on down should be locked up. We need the death penalty back in and don’t wait years down the road to execute them!!
America has turned its back on God and now we are seeing the results!

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David, it’s the pill they’re taking. The need to stop taking STUPID and get another perscription.