Miami Beach Incident, Lessons learned

I sense paranoia everywhere I read about CC. Be prepared but don’t be a prick. It’s good to know the law but taking several classes doesn’t make you a law expert. You’re not some SF one man Army. It’s a tool that you need to be familiar with just in case. I’m not against all of the enthusiasm but don’t judge people that only want a self-protection tool just in case.


The old saying, “I carry a gun 'cause a cop is too heavy” came to mind. So did a short mental exercise in church one day. We have an LEO outside in a car on Sunday. I couldn’t help but wonder how many people could one person kill/cripple if they came in a side door and opened up on the congregation. With a .223 one bullet could pass through and hit more than one. People packed in, firing once a second, the toll would mount as the LEO got into action. I carry because, like you, I am the first responder.