Mexico is a Failed State and We Should Be Prepared for That

If this is true we need to rethink some things maybe???

You probably caught a news blurb last week that the Mexican military was defeated in a gun battle with the Sinaloa cartel. The story quickly dropped out of the headlines, because gun battles in Mexico are too damaging to the Official Narrative about how we don’t need a wall on our southern border.

Most American news outlets have not accurately reported on what happened in Culiacan, the capital city of the Mexican state of Sinaloa. The casualty counts were much higher than anyone reported here in America – and the results were far more horrifying than anything you’ve heard from the mainstream press.

If you missed the brief news blurb, here’s what it stated. Mexican authorities arrested El Chapo Guzman’s son in Culiacan. El Chapo Jr. is the leader of the Sinaloa cartel, now that El Chapo Sr. is behind bars in America. The Sinaloa cartel responded with full force. The Mexican military was outgunned, and after a battle that lasted for several hours, the military surrendered. The authorities released El Chapo Jr.

That’s the narrative-preserving version of what happened. But thanks to journalists in Mexico, who must use pseudonyms and publish their reports anonymously on American blogs, we now know what really happened.

The Mexican military was not just outgunned by the Sinaloa cartel. They were embarrassingly outgunned. It was like a kid showing up for a schoolyard fight, only to discover that his opponent has a fully functional Iron Man suit. The cartel fighters were in full tactical gear, with fully automatic military weaponry and explosives.

The cartel didn’t show up like a bunch of Islamic dorks from Mali with heavy machine guns bolted to the beds of rusted-out Toyota pickup trucks. They had custom-made, state of the art armored vehicles like no one in Mexico had seen before. The Mexican military’s “Fire Serpent” FX-05 battle rifles, which fire a 5.56x45mm NATO round, were unable to penetrate the armored vehicles.

Unlike the Mexican military, which is a pretty much a joke if you haven’t figured it out by now, the cartel’s soldiers were highly trained and highly motivated. Even though the Mexican soldiers were outgunned and demoralized from the beginning, at least they tried to put up a fight.

During the protracted gun battle, the President of Mexico received a phone call from the Sinaloa cartel. After that phone call, the Mexican president immediately called his military commanders and ordered them to surrender.

As the Mexican soldiers were laying down their arms, they were subjected to a final humiliating ritual in which they were forced to shake hands with the cartel victors. That’s when the real horror of the situation surfaced.

While the Mexican troops were battling the cartel in Culiacan, the Sinaloa cartel had sent kill squads to the soldiers’ homes. During that fateful phone call, the cartel informed Mexico’s president that they had just slaughtered the wives and children of many of the soldiers and police officers who had dared to raise arms against the cartel.

Unless the Mexican military immediately surrendered and released El Chapo Jr., the kill squads would move on to the second set of addresses on their lists. That’s why he surrendered so quickly. Let’s not kid ourselves anymore. Mexico is a failed state that is rapidly transitioning into a Narco State.

If you think that Mexican violence could never spill over into America, you should probably read a history book about some of the previous times when Mexico’s government has failed. A good starting point would be the Battle of Columbus, New Mexico in 1916.

Pancho Villa’s rebel army crossed the US border and attacked the town of Columbus, killing 10 unarmed civilians and eight US Cavalry soldiers. Among the dead civilians were a pregnant American woman and her unborn child. Not coincidentally, this was around the first time that American voters started demanding that the federal government build a wall on our southern border.

Culiacan is not some backwater Mexican village where no one wears shoes. It’s a sophisticated, modern capital city. But the local police and that nation’s military were no match for the cartel. Your local sheriff’s department probably wouldn’t fare much better if the cartel rolled into town, would they?

I’d also note that thanks to Mexico’s strident policies against personal gun ownership, none of the families of military members were able to fight back when the cartel kill squads kicked down their front doors.

We have terrible politicians in America who hate their own constituents, so they’re not thinking of any of the implications of Mexico becoming a failed state. But we as American citizens and gun owners should be thinking about it. And preparing.


Tijuana is 110 miles from my front door. 2,400 murders the government will admit to in 2018 and they will top that in 2019. That averages over 7 murders a day, again those the failed narco state will admit to. Check out the kidnapping rate in Phoenix and who is involved. Don’t kid yourself. It has spread to many parts of the U.S. As far as history, look up the Plan of San Diego. Our friends from the south planned to murder every Anglo male age 16 and above in the southwestern states, with Mexican government backing. Educate yourselves.

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Hmmm those things ya mentioned are news to me bulldog thanks for the info!

The cartels are spinoffs of Los Zetas who were trained by US special forces black ops back in the 90’s. Per the MO those trained by US advisors wind up being a danger to us.