Memes that don’t fit elsewhere II (NO Politics) (Part 3)

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I didn’t want this thread… looks it was created automatically…
I must figure it out how to just make it non operable…

I’m hoping to see more valuable firearm related discussion instead of funny BS… :person_shrugging:

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Sure why have whimsical pictures and humor in our lives. Who want’s to take a break from reality to smile or maybe even laugh. No need to tread off into the land of imagination. GET SERIOUS Folks…


What part of
don’t you understand? :smiling_face:


I’m game, let’s discuss, no BS… you first!


Nice Gloves…


When I joined this Community in 2019, this was ALL about the firearms, training, self defense. We were discussing, we were joking, we have valuable conversations. Community was very far away from other social medias…
Now… it’s reversed… we hit records of MEMES… each day, when I’m reading posts I see dozens on BS which I don’t even scan with my eyes… just skip them hoping to find something that fit this Community… :pensive:

It’s hard to say but if WE, the Members, don’t do anything and will proceed with threads exploding with BS… USCCA can change this Community name to "Our Place for People who think that Tik-Tok is too small for posting stupid stuff" :person_shrugging:

I know… I can just “mute” this thread and forget about it… but this is not the solution… perhaps it could be solution for me, but I know there is a lot of Members like me who really care about quality of this Community !

Simple math can show where we are today:
“Let See Your New Gun” thread… started on April 2019… 3778 posts in 4 years…
“Memes That Don’t Fit Elsewhere” … started January 2021 … 20,000 posts in 2 years…


I know everybody need laugh and fun… but I think there are different places which can better handle thousands of BS posts and those will fit better than here, on Firearm / Self Defense Forum.


I was more concerned with…
…to sling or not to sling, that is the question…



I respectfully disagree…
There are lots of threads on the site to discuss serious matters and matters of importance regarding firearms, gun enthusiasts, legal matters and events and concerns about the society/country, etc.

I am as guilty as anyone for posting memes here but I will say, there is a reason. In these times, I find it vital to balance the strong emotions pulsing through the veins of this country. That includes: fear, anger, anxiety, discouragement, frustration, disillusionment, discord, divide, and malaise.

Humor is a way to have a say, make a statement, lighten up someone’s day, cope with the world, and even try to make sense of it all. Humor has saved me more times than I can count. I don’t like all the memes’ content, but the variety of themes speaks to the variety of people on here and the many differences we have yet also the oneness we share as a community. If we cannot tolerate each other, what hope is there? If I can’t laugh at myself, I will dissolve in my own tears. So I find a way to laugh and on many days, memes are one way to do that.

If this topic is so distasteful, one need not engage. But I for one, and I think many others, find it an important part of a feeling of community and friendship. It does not negate anything else. In fact, it adds to the “personality” of this site.

Let’s not regulate humor, too.

PS: If anyone disagrees with me, I have a meme for that…


I’ll disagree for the sole reason of wanting to see that meme.


The truth be told the only reason I visit anymore is for the meme threads. Prior to the 2020 “purge” there were lively debates and interesting commentary, now, not so much.

Let the meme’s begin.




Well said thank you


I couldn’t have said it better, Wanda.

Personally I get sick of hearing about all the political garbage and media BS every day so humor is where I go.


I am going to ask a precision rifle question in a day or two. I remember you have much expertise in this area.

I was caught in the purge myself. I missed it here and asked the moderators to give me another chance. They did and I am happy to be back. But yes, it got pretty spicy back then. It seems like we have a lot fewer trolls than we used to.


Those are NICE… Glasses!
Git sum! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


You have nice Meme’s! , aw now guy’s get your mind out of the gutter (where the rest of your bodies are).
I’m serious Ma’am, they are poignant, phunnie, thought provoking, and I am in a better mood that day after I read them. I am grateful for all the Meme’s, stories, tales of woe, training exercises …
Sometimes life is a S— Sandwich without the Bread kind of day with my PTSD and Anxiety.
I am truly sorry Jersy that you feel this forum should be like Talk Radio use to be or 24/7 Sports. UGH!
But some here have been through Hell and back and some have even signed up for Seconds (or Thirds).
The world today is “complicated” (see, NO POLITIC’s)… I listened.
But a Community where all we talk about is riflescopes, Mass shootings, Training … is just too heavy for some of us. As the slogan say’s: Your Place for Self-Defense Education, Training and Discussions with Responsibly Armed Americans.
Sir Jersy, We are the most Honest, law abiding, Licensed, Have our stuff together AMERICAN’S!
No One loves this fine country more than us! But this site is also a release valve for some.
Some of us use humor to get past all the nasty of daily life.
There’s nothing wrong with a little Fox-Hole humor.
I am NOT dumping on you either. I am just stating an opinion from one fellow gunner to another.
I hope you can wrap your brain around that.

Thank you.


So…the devil made you open this thread? :imp: :imp: :imp:


I made it a point not to post pictures of my firearms online.
That’s something I learned from this forum.


@Don102 Well said! I knew my memes were good for something! ROFL. :rofl:

(Kidding aside… thanks)


Anytime. I meant it all.