Media cover up on crime

Topic is Red zones
Why does the Medea not cover the crime rate increased because of the gun restrictions?
My thoughts are
The deep state is in control of the Medea and are using it to install false information to disarm the people for a complete government take over, what are your thoughts on this?


Welcome to my tin-hat world, @Roland2 :wink: there’s room in the bunker, pull up a seat.

I have a friend who is a recovering newspaper journalist. She says on multiple occasions she was told to rewrite stories because they “don’t fit the narrative”.

Agendas abound.


Because journalism has devolved in to pure editorial trash


This is why I don’t trust ANY media outlet. At first glance, which is where most people stop reading it appears the mother new the shooting was going to happen. Read the article this is a textbook example of why red flag laws are a work around for confiscation. You’re scared of something you don’t understand so we’ll take away peoples tools of self defense.

I am not in anyway advocating for that POS kid

El Paso shooting suspect’s mom says she called police with concern about rifle son owned: report


Has anyone noticed that the mass murder with a knife is barely getting any coverage?


That will be there next attack on we the people, some of the other countries over seas has a no knife Law and its just like our own gun laws, only criminal people don’t listen to the law’s, and it gives them a opportune moment to attack


Also the Dayton shooter. As soon as his beliefs and politics cane to light, the media focused on El Paso only.


No surprise there… doesn’t fit the narrative.


The coverup is on enforcement of the laws on the book. Here in DC more than have of the murders are committed by criminals who were caught or used a gun in a previous crime, and just got a slap on the wrist. The DC law states that if you are caught with a unregistered firearm in the commission of a crime you will get 5 years in prison. However, those books aren’t enforced sadly.

Born and raised in city that continues to be governed by Democrats were poor blacks are murdered daily has me thinking like Alex Jones! Just saying.


There were 2 instances of a knife attack each had 4 fatality victims yet no coverage. What makes matters worse is one of the attackers is a known convicted gang member who was released early. There is video of one of the attacks, he was wielding 2 knives and stabbing downward in a frenzied repeated attack.

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Simple, most of the major media outlets are no more than the propaganda ministry of the left wing in the US. They are not going to put any focus on stories that harm the agenda or individual leaders in the party hierarchy.

The second you start focusing on the high crime areas you’re going to immediately be deemed a racist or White nationalist and mocked into oblivion.

They control most of the gov’t, nearly all of the media and academia in the US.


I’ve noticed something and can’t seem to find an actual break down but in the news reports it’ll say X number killed or shot and X number wounded. That will lead the reader to believe that X+X= actual number of people shot. When in reality a lot of those injuries are going to be from a panicked mob or a stampede of people. I’m curious if anyone has seen anything backing this up. I’ve done google searches and have found the opinion is true however I haven’t found any real numbers.


Sorry in wrong discussion

You’re correct there. You will almost never hear or read a breakdown distinguishing between those injured by gunfire and those otherwise injured in the panic.

They leave the reader/listener with the impression that all victims were shot.

Las Vegas was the most glaring example I can remember. Only about 120 suffered actual gun shot wounds out of a total of 851 injured but the reports all read that 58 were killed and 422 were wounded.