Mass shootings

I’ve attached a research article titled “Comparing the Global Rate of Mass Public Shootings to the U.S.’s Rate and Comparing their Changes Over time.” It was published in January 2020 by John Lott, director of the Crime Prevention Research Bureau. The author refutes the argument that mass shootings only occur in the US. Over the past two days, I’ve heard talking heads say “this only happens in the US.”

SSRN-id3671740.pdf (1.3 MB)

In fact, Lott notes that as of 2020, “… the US ranks 66th in attack rate and 56th in murder rate. Norway, Finland, France, and Switzerland are major European countries with at least 49 percent higher rates of murder from mass public shootings than the United States. Indeed, France’s rate is 48.9 percent higher than the US’s. The rates in Pakistan and India are respectively 470% and 13% higher than the US rate.”

You can also download the article at Comparing the Global Rate of Mass Public Shootings to the U.S.’s Rate and Comparing Their Changes Over Time by John R. Lott :: SSRN.

What happened in Texas is a terrible tragedy and we all should continue to search for ways to reduce or prevent occurrences.


Thank you! Hope this material gets delivered to our MSM, to you know, stop reporting lies.

Any study that ignores distinction between murder caused by gang culture, or actions of terrorists foreign and domestic, and these inexplicable incidents like Uvalde or Parkland - is an example of junk science.


Information is at a premium these days and misinformation keeps a dull crowd up in arms for no reason keep your head on a swivel tell your love ones you love them , cause tomorrow is promised to no man/woman stay vigilant and Carpe diem! On this Memorial Day I remember my father who was in the navy went over seas fought for his country and led me to do the same his rank and title was immaterial because he was a cook the only job they said he qualified for, we remember staff Sgt William David Cleveland, and we honor his memory by pouring that glass one finger and salute.