Maryland 2A Win


I hope the ruling can get extended to New York State and their unconstitutional requirement to possess a “pistol permit” in order to even own or possess any handgun, anywhere in the state, including in your own home.

They literally make it impossible for a legal gun owner to move to the state with their catch 22 law. You can’t bring a gun to the state without a permit, but you can’t get a permit if you dont live in the state.


Describing a court ruling on the 2nd Amendment as a “win” is incorrect. A court ruling is just an opinion by an unelected, unaccountable judge against a law enacted by an anti-gun legislature.

What needs to happen, and secure a 2nd Amendment “win,” is for a pro-gun citizen of Maryland to have the courage to step out of his/her private life and run for office. Anti-gun laws are being passed in Maryland and will continue to be enacted until and unless someone in Maryland who is pro-gun works up the courage to run for and win office. Relying on rulings by a court to protect people from laws passed by the legislature is a losing political strategy.