Magazine Maintenance

“Magazine maintenance is like voodoo and witchcraft to some and to others isn’t even given a consideration.” I love that line from the blog article below!

Magazines are such an important part of a semi-auto pistol that they shouldn’t be overlooked when cleaning and maintaining your firearm - although they often are overlooked.

How often do you clean and check your magazines?


I completely clean my magazines that come apart every 50 rounds or every other range trip. My carry ammo has their own magazines that are only used for carry ammo, that includes testing new carry ammo. Old carry ammo that gets rotated out is fired from range duty magazines.

When I do not completely take apart magazines I just clean the follower with CLP.

I would love a sonic cleaner but I do enjoy my cleaning time, and they cost money.


I check my magazines every time I’m back from range. Usually it happens every 300 - 400 rounds. I clean them from outside (paying attention to follower) and wipe with a very small amount of oil.
I clean my magazines completely (disassemble, clean, lube, reassemble) every 5,000 rounds.


Check and wipe them after the range, just like Jerzy. I do a full clean and lube after every two or three trips to an indoor range. 1,000 to 1,500 rounds. Full clean and lube after EVERY trip to an outdoor range.


I’ve been thinking about full cleaning periods… I think everyone has to find his time based on ammo.
When I’ve started shooting, I’ve used cheap Winchester ammo. My gun and magazines were so dirty after 500 - 700 rounds that I had to clean everything completely all the times…
Now I’m using Fiocchi and Sellier&Bellot, sometimes CCI Blazer. No needs to fully clean my magazines up to 5,000 rounds.