MA approved firearms roster / licensed non-resident carry

I understand the the implications of the Massachusetts approved firearm roster as it relates to the limitation of sales within the state, but how does it apply to non-resident licensed individuals who may have a firearm not on the approved list? For example Ruger LCP 2 - not on the list. Does that mean that a MA licensed non-resident cannot carry that weapon into Mass?

I am not a lawyer. My understanding is that the roster does not determine the legality of possession. Any issues with what is legal to possess would be governed by statutes unrelated to the roster, such as the magazine capacity restriction. The purpose of the Approved Firearms Roster is to inform dealers about which new handguns they can legally transfer in light of (wall of text warning if you click through)

Confusingly, there are firearms on this list that Massachusetts dealers will not sell new, e.g. only LEOs with arresting authority can purchase Glocks new. I’m told that there is another list maintained by the AG, but I’ve never bothered to sort out how that works, and it isn’t relevant to your question, anyway. Short answer is that if there is a MGL that makes it illegal to carry a Ruger LCP2 into the state, I am unaware of it, and it’s not a “roster” issue. You would be constrained by federal law from transferring it to anyone else in Massachusetts. Having said all that, can you and should you are different questions. The DA’s in Massachusetts do not know or understand Massachusetts gun control laws. Dollars to donuts, if you used the gun in self-defense, they’d think you possessed it illegally until somebody set them straight. I’m just guessing on that, but that’s the level of faith I have in them.

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