Live Proving Ground at the Expo


One of the awesome USCCA Social Care Advisors will be the “trainee” at the next Proving Ground training that we use for our live training broadcasts every few months. And this one is going to be done LIVE at the Expo!

(Get your tickets for it here)

I was lucky enough to be the subject of one of these trainings - and it was INTENSE!! And only the crew was watching that night. She’s going to be doing this in front of a live audience!

My hands were shaking from adrenaline (and Redbull, we filmed in the middle of the night). I give her major props for getting up there in front of a live audience.

What thoughts would be going through your mind if you were the trainee for this event?


I would love to be the trainee in any event whether it was in front of a live audience or in front of a camera for later production. Beings I live in Middle Tennessee I don’t see that happening any time soon, but would be awesome just for the training!!


I love the proving ground videos. I wish I could be there! Maybe next year. Has a location been decided for next year?


my head the night before? :grimacing:

yeah that’d be a very busy place! Wanting to do well, desire to impress, competitiveness, performance anxiety, fretting about what might happen, what I didn’t prepare for, what I might have done to prepare better. yep. busy busy busy.

Showtime? that’s different. When it comes down to it, audience or video, just your trainer or a stadium full, when it’s time to do the deed, all you can do is bring yourself 100% to it and be really present with the action.

I used to tell my students - once you’re on stage, once the competition starts, it’s too late to get any younger, fitter, taller, smarter, better looking, more talented, or thinner. It’s to late too train more, plan more, or rehearse more. All you can do is bring what you’ve got, be fully present, and give everything you have with joy, passion, responsiveness, focus, and love of what you do. That’s always going to be enough. It has to be. It’s all you have.


Dawn, I am fortunate enough to be able to attend the live proving ground at the concealed carry expo this year when I am in Pittsburgh. I loved the one you participated in about the convenience store robbery. I go into those kind of stores occasionally and it got me thinking “gosh what would I do” if I was ever in that circumstance.


Awe, thanks @Lakerfan34! I go into convenience stores completely differently now. I’d still stay hidden if a knife was involved and I didn’t think the attacked could reach the clerk.

Make sure you stop by and see me at the Expo!


Definitely. I would really like to meet you and the rest of the crew when I come fly there. :slight_smile:


I started a new thread about a casual meet up: Informal Meet-up at the Expo? so we don’t annoy everyone with planning details. :slight_smile:


My thoughts would be on the material that I wanted to train everyone, time permitting.
My thoughts would be on safety first throughout the event so that no one would get hurt.
My thoughts would be on the participants and watching what they did and how they reacted during the training.
My thoughts would be on the questions that the people involved in the training event were asking.
My thoughts would be on the correct answers to those question making sure that they were fully understood by everyone.

If I were able to do this at this point in my life, I would love it. My wife and I used to be Paranormal Investigators and held Monthly meeting with our members so I am used to public speaking and directing people in a task and watching how well they did. I am also a Singer/Songwriter so being in front of many people talking (or singing) is not a big deal. Just remembering the material you want to get across is but I could even use Cue Cards for that. Maybe something I should look into in the distant future. Maybe even Firearms Instructor. :thinking:


Interesting @NJStraightShooter, you put yourself in the role of trainer, and I put myself in the role of participant/trainee …

maybe even firearms instructor

Ding ding ding! Sounds like we have a winner!! :smiley: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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