Let's sue the ATF

The ATF is Unconstitutional. So was the Progressive President who started the ATF. To start a Court Case against The ATF is the thing to do, if the the Court is not one of Biden’s appointments.
The ATF is not Law. The Rules they write are not Law. Though the ATF does think so and acts accordingly.
The ATF has put a crimp on the things I can do and acquire that the Constitution’s says is a Right. Do I have a Moral Right to fight to maintain my liberty and Guns When they come to take it all away?
The ATF and all Gun Laws are Unconstitutional and WE THE PEOPLE should act accordingly.


So, how is it that you perceive ATF is “unconstitutional”? Certainly, some of its regulatory activity seems to nose under the tent protecting infringement. But the mere existence of an Executive Branch agency developing and enforcing regulations at the direction of the Legislature according to the constitutional game plan? Or what, exactly?

And which “Progressive President” do you blame for the existence of ATF? The one from 1933 to 1945? Or the one from 1945 to 1953? Or the one from 1963 to 1969? Or the one from 1969 to 1974? Or the one from 1993 to 2001? Or the one from 2002 to 2009? It’s not like this nightmare was suddenly sprung upon us one cloudy afternoon. We, and our parents, and our grandparents, and probably some great-grandparents, and the representatives they have all elected to represent us and protect the Constitution, are responsible for the system we have. Not “that guy” — whoever it is you might be pissed at.

Civics, man. You can certainly “sue The ATF” if that’s your pleasure, but I think that would be a detour away from actually fixing problems.


Here they go again infringing.

atf_worksheet_4999.pdf (290.7 KB)

The ATF could be sued the same way and found unconstitutional in the same way as Congress is abdicating its responsibility by allowing a non legislative body to make up laws.

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Just need two more items:

  1. $$ to pay for the suit
  2. A dedicated constitutional lawyer who has the stamina to see it all the way to SCOTUS

3-5 year duration. I will be 18 months before the first hearing at the Federal level. It will be 2.4 million dollars and the fall of 2026 when the SCOTUS decides if they will take the case on appeal. Note that I said appeal, meaning our side lost in the lower courts or their side lost then they CHOOSE to appeal.