Let it Snow

“From noon Monday to early Wednesday, however, forecasters are anticipating an additional 12 to 18 inches for Salt Lake City and Tooele and 8 to 12 more inches for Provo and Heber City.”

Now, with nearly 600 inches in the mountains above Salt Lake City we hope for a slow warming trend, to bring that snow down into the valley really slow. I’m expecting we’ll see some pretty significant floods here in about a month.


I sent it to you on I-80, enjoy!
We’re going to be in the 60’s this week😀


Ya, been watching the forecast, your storm is heading for the U.P. and Northern WI.
In central WI. we are forecasted for 12 hours of rain starting tomorrow at 6:00 pm.
We had 7 minor tornados touch down in far Southern WI. 53deg here today, 36deg. tomorrow.
Don’t forget the Pink Moon on the 6th. Hope it stays that way. :crossed_fingers:


a little snow and ice here in the Keweenaw
30-40 mph with 60+ mph wind gusts out of the east is going to be interesting
wen you got 100,000,000. trees ya know theres going to be power outages


I don’t live too far out and btwn two smallish towns. There is a subdivision just down the road and I swear the world ends there. I’m seriously thinking of getting an emergency generator to power some of the house to stop the food from spoiling. But I need to replace the 1960s siding still on the house. I’m surprised there is still siding on the house with the two storms having 60-80mph wind gusts recently. I was looking forward to seeing what Oz looked like in real life.


We have 3 gen sets
1 is in the shop getting serviced [my shop]
1 solar unit and 1small unit that runs off of the sears tractor
defiantly get back up power for your refrigeration units