Lending a firearm to someone

I have a buddy at work he isn’t in to the internet very much so I told him I would try to find the answer. We live in Michigan he has a cpl and his grandfather lives in a not so nice neighborhood. The house next store got broken into and he thinks that since his elderly grandfather is an easy target he’s next. So he took a hand gun to his house to lend for protection. I told him I’m not sure how legal it is being the guns not in his grandfather’s name. Is there a way to find this info out for him


Have you looked at the state law references for Michigan available on the site or in the app?

I think I did and didn’t see any that covered this. I’m not sure if i looked in the correct place though. Thank you

Look under the rules for transferring a firearm. I dont believe they differentiate between if the transfer was for compensation, or not. But they might include verbiage about family members. If they dont, I would assume a transfer is a transfer just to be safe.

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I read it several times and I believe @Greg35 is correct.

If you own it, you are responsible for what happens concerning it… I would be very careful with that. Sell it for $10, get a bill of sale, etc… when he needs it back, do the same thing the other way.



This might help.

“ * Handguns cannot be borrowed or loaned to another person other than provided for under the CPL.”