Kyle Rittenhouse

Black Rifle Coffee Company has severed their relationship with him because of political correctness?

I love BRCC coffee and am part of their club, getting 5 bags a month. I have their t-shirts and have sent much of their stuff out as gifts.

As a business owner myself, it is my/ower job to make profits. We DO NOT proclaim either side of ANY issue. Our sole business is to sell product to red coats, blue coats and all coats in between. I can understand a business not getting involved with ANY hot topics.


I don’t believe BRCC ever had a relationship with Kyle. From what I’ve seen/read, there was a picture posted of Kyle wearing a BRCC shirt. When questioned about it, they said there was no relationship/sponsorship.


I haven’t found any sponsorship by BRCC of Kyle either. In Fact the site that reported it had to retract a tweet about it. The media invents news like trolls.


What relationship?


I did not find any relationship or sponsorship. Not sure what was meant by the ‘severed their relationship’…

The CEO did make a statement that they had not sponsored him, and they had rumors swirling on the internet and social media…


They sell the shirts… so anyone could buy one, does not mean the company endorses or has a relationship with them.

I think the rumor mill of kicked into high gear.


This is another one of those issues where we need to give it a minute to shake out and get all the details. Apparently Rittenhouse was wearing a BRCC shirt in a photo after his release. People assumed BRCC was involved and BRCC had to put out a statement saying they weren’t involved.

Their non-involvement doesn’t mean they do or don’t support Rittenhouse.


I once had a US Postal Service Jersey I wore when Cycling. I never received any sponsorship nor did I ever get suspended for drugs. Just because someone wears Air Jordans doesn’t mean they can slam dunk a basketball.


Why do I get the distinct impression if he was wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt he would have better sponsorship?
You know, he may have been wearing Hanes underwear, are they coming out with an announcement? Is this where things stand now? I heard he ate a burger before he left home, should Macdonald’s take a stance, maybe disavow any knowledge of his actions? What kind of sneakers was he wearing? What make of rifle did he use, who manufactured the ammo he used, why don’t we just nail him to a cross.
Who will be on our side when the SHTF?
BRCC making a statement shined a brighter light upon themselves. Are they dropping their endorsement of President Trump. Have the Green Beret’s lost their balls? The greatest fighting machine in the world collapses because of a few news clips! This country is finished!
I’ve just rethought my membership! Everyone really has caved to the lunatics. We don’t stand a chance!
Is there any one standing with us to protect our Republic?
It seems freedom doesn’t means sh¥] to anyone unless they lose it!
At least I can count on my wife to have my six. No matter what I’m wearing!

When you make a statement, you’ve picked a side!

The company maintains a pro-military, pro-gun image and has been endorsed by broadcast personality [Sean Hannity] for supporting the [Second Amendment to the United States Constitution It has also been characterized in the press as conservative and pro-Trump, despite the company not taking any official positions on political figures. From Wikipedia.
They just took a position!


I would suggest that they succumbed to radical left pressure… which does not speak well.

Nothing suggested any endorsement, but the radical left started attacking the company… just because of a shirt.

How often have we seen the left attack people just for wearing a pro-Second Amendment shirt, a pro-Trump hat, a pro-America shirt or hat… or pro-law enforcement, or pro-law and order…

They are a company, they are in business to make a profit, but once you surrender to the left, they become more ravenous… they are like rabid dogs.

Once you surrender, they expect you to do so from that moment forward.

This may work out for them, but it may not… if it is seen as weakness and surrender.

You are correct, someone may look to see what brand drawers he was wearing… and attack them… or perhaps the shoe brand.

It is sad that the nation has sunk to this level.


Please watch the video @FatsoJoe posted and it explains the situation perfectly.

The picture of Kyle was posted of him in a BRCC shirt and The Blaze TV attached a promo code to it, creating a situation where it appeared BRCC was attempting to profit from the cluster eff that is Kenosha.

He clearly expresses their position in support or the 2A and being innocent until proven guilty which is really all of us should be doing at this point. E.g. we should not be holding Kyle up as some kind of hero, simply supporting him in his right to defend himself against a mob and then supporting him to ensure that he receives due process under the law and is not unjustly prosecuted nor allowed to get away with any laws he may have broken (we used to call that justice back in the good ol days).

I think we should take a deep breath and stop looking to “eat our own.” Let the left engage in cancel culture antics.


Thank you for this.

I’m pretty tired of people/groups on any side looking for their next person/group/company to give an opinion about. Geez, folks.


Surrendering is never enough. They keep looking for more and more. Unless those who disagree completely kowtow, now and forever, there will be no peace.


They fell for the bait and now people of both side are back at attacking a company that did absolutely nothing wrong and had nothing to do with Kyle’s situation.

I completely understand the frustration and agree with most of it. But the emotions are driving most of the rhetoric. Reading some comments (from other platforms) people are acting like their spouse cheated on them. Its coffee. I like their coffee and buy it. Thats as deep as my relationship is with them. I’m sure I dont agree with every single aspect of every person who owns, operates or is employed by them.


Thanks for pointing this out, I thought it was just a tweet, but it is in fact a video (in a tweet) from the CEO

Well put. BRCC got dragged into this through no fault or even effort of their own and now they’re being attacked by both sides. What kind of sense does that make?


@Fizbin, exactly! Great post. Why jeopardize 50% of your business by taking a public stand on issues. Agree 100%.


Well said!

I don’t see the problem here. Kyle did some things that a business wouldn’t want their brand on…whether they think he should be prosecuted or not. Give em a break.