Kobayashi maru (No Win Scenario)

Yesterday, I was out on a walk to the store when I heard, what was clearly a .22 gun shot. The police log list it as “noise disturbance” which is a weird way to say negligent discharge , especially one prompted by an emergency 911, resulting in ems/police and fire crews surrounding the downtown area. Not the first time I have been out and heard a .22 go off, but it’s a rare occurrence.

This one is different, as has it been a shooter, it was a no-win scenario. I looked around, saw no perp, so drawing would not have been good, on top of the fact police were shortly on there way, so staying holstered was a smart move. There was no cars for cover. I was a sitting duck, had this been more than a negligent discharge. Maine is duty to retreat, so I retreated, constantly looking around, just in case. My options were minimal.

Now, I for one, never thought such a scenario would happen in real life, living in a town. Besides body armor, how would one go about prepping for something like this, where one is prepared, but still was basically a sitting duck?

It should be noted, I wasn’t the party involved here, I was indirectly impacted by this.


March 6 update, at 13:58 in the log.

Unsafe law. If you don’t know where the shots originated how can you know where to retreat to? What if you retreat right to the danger zone? If you don’t know the area retreating can be more dangerous than the original threat. Sorry your state doesn’t have a common sense stand your ground law. Call your government representatives and tell them this is a dangerous law.
Glad everyone is okay.


I highly agreed about the law being bogus and needing a stand your ground law. Lucky for me, I was only a slight distance from my apartment. As far as I know, no one was injured, appreciate the concern for all involved.


Glad to hear you are OK.

I’m a little confused… if there were a stand your ground law, what would you have done differently?


thank you for the concern. In this instance, nothing could have been done differently. I just agree with Texas that duty to retreat sucks in general. Short of a slightly bruised ego for feeling too inept to defend myself or others around me, I know everything I did was legally and strategically correct.


Since you were close to home I think heading that way would be considered retreating. You simply couldn’t determine where the shot came from so you retreated back to your house. If you encountered a bad guy I don’t see how they could blame you since you were heading towards your home not towards the gun fire.


My advice is much like Captain Kirk’s was when he beat that scenario.


“I don’t believe in the no win scenario”-Captain Kirk

Love it!


Yes, I would be well in compliance. The thing that concerned me most was doing everything right, but still being under prepared for such. I took finding cover for granted, thinking living in a city would always yield such, but not the other day. Knowing the landscape didn’t help. Very enlightening for me to reconsider new ways of mitigating this in the future.

Well, erm. No. He cheated.


If you’re not cheating you’re not trying hard enough :wink:


Contrary to.popular mythology, I submit that Kirk never defeated the Kobayashi Maru training scenario. He defeated what Might be termed “Kobayashi Maru 2.0” , a training scenario based on, but different from, the original.

And he should have been expelled from the Academy for cheating, if only for the dangerous precedent being set for future classes by allowing him to continue and graduate.




To be fair, had he been expelled, he still had being Michael Myers to fall back on. Lol

And TJ Hooker!!

Plus Sun Tzu says “All war is based on deception. Appear strong where you are weak, and appear weak where you are strong”.

Also as one of my favorite writers said “If your opponent is busy, screwing it up by the numbers. Let him”.


Sorry for Star Trek nerding on your thread. It sounds like a bad situation to get caught in, sometimes no matter how good our situational awareness is. We still get caught out. All you can do is

Humor alert!

  1. Hope that round isn’t the one that has your name on it.

  2. Hope that round isn’t addressed “to whom it may concern”

  3. Serpentine. You got to run serpentine.

My wife really wants to go to Maine, but mainly so she can nerd out on Stephen King towns and such. I just want to go for the lobster.


No problem with nerding out. Thanks for the concern. Love the list and the Sun Zu quote. The list is funny as hell! Maine is great to visit and to live if you avoid Biddeford that is. I love the state. Augusta opened up a brand new “state of the art” range. Might be someone to add to your vacation list. I love Stephen King, so she has great taste.


Unfortunately, there is no way to prepare for 100% of the possible self-defense situations we may encounter. You had the right idea, get somewhere safe.

I won’t comment on the duty to retreat laws, but I will say, if I have a way to get out of a situation that could possibly go sideways, I’m outta there! The reason we defend ourselves is so we can get home as safely as possible. If I can avoid a bad situation, I will.

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The reality of self defense is there are times you are going to take damage, a solid mindset will help you overcome this, good tactics will give you more chances to deal out damage to the bad guy and good skills will help you deal out more effective damage to the bad guy.

No matter how much you plan never forget the enemy/bad guy gets a say in how things go. There are no perfect plans only good ones. Make a good plan and execute.

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Excellent points!