Kobayashi maru (No Win Scenario)

That’s one of the reasons I mentioned

  1. if your opponent is screwing it up by the #'s. Let him.

  2. But like the great philosopher “Iron Mike Tyson” said “Everyone’s got a plan, until they get punched in the mouth”. :rofl:

I say that with humor, but there’s a serious lesson there. Train until your body knows what to do, so that it can get you started while the rest of you catches up to speed.

Use this moment you had, and next time you are coming up on it. Look at it both offensively, and defensively. If I was a shooter, where would I be? If I am getting shot at where’s cover? Where is concealment? (It gets mentioned alot, the body can’t go where the mind hasn’t been) How do I get from point to point without getting hit?

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I don’t know that this was a true Kobayashi Maru as there were correct answers.

Correct answer #1 - Don’t draw, there is no visible threat for you to identify as a target.

Correct answer #2 - Get out of there, whether it was the law or not, you heard what you thought was danger and could not identify the threat so get out of there to a safe place as quickly as possible.

The correct answer is not always a “full spread of photon torpedoes” and as Lt Cmdr Troy learned during her Commander’s evaluation, sometimes the right decision is not always the “preferred” decision by the person executing the plan. Qapla’! :nerd_face:


Amazingly put!