Kimber Micro 9 Defective Function Help?

One of my students today was using a Kimber Micro 9 CDP.
I’m not overly familiar with this specific firearm and need some input here from others who may have one.

After firing, the hammer stays cocked, which is typical for pistols but, here’s the but, the safety will not engage unless you really force it with both thumbs of hard pressure!

If the hammer is unclocked the safety will engage with ease. I’ve looked at a few youtube’s and it does appear that the safety should engage easily under all conditions.


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Did you check if your slide was in battery? That can happen and cause the safety to be hard to manipulate.Is it a gun that’s been shot and not cleaned?

Yes, it did easily go into battery. It’s almost as if… when you’re looking down into the hammer well, you can see the safety is getting hung up on the hammer pivot point.

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Remove the slide on it and engage the safety up and down a few times, a drop of oil might help. Work it into the safety and repeat engaging the safety until it gets easier. It could be a dirty gun and particles can build up in their.

Sometimes you have to remove the safety and clean it and reinstall it and that can solve it. But I believe it is a simple fix. Has it happened before to the firearm?

I had a Kimber 45 auto but not for too long. I didn’t like it because the slide stop was the take down lever and it scratched my gun so I’m a bit familiar with it.

Had the exact issue three weeks ago! Luckily it was after class and a friends new to him gun and not a students. Thank God for YouTube on that one. The hammer on this particular pistol wouldn’t budge.

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Did you try correcting it or was it fixed afterwards?

Yeah, so what was the deal? Was it that same model? Was it all dirty and gunked up? Johnny suggested disasemlby and cleaning, which I’ll suggest but that firearm he had looked WAY cleaner than my dust bunny ridden EDC.

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Same model. It was pretty clean. Friend much more proficient with 1911s ended up performing a surgery which included some disassembly and it came loose.

Never really pinpointed the cause…but it did run fine for 50 more rounds problem free.

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Safety may be fit a bit too tight when blocking the sear. Kimber is usually pretty good about fixing things, if you don’t have someone that can do it for you.

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That’s what I’m thinking. A local smith and he may get it back quicker. He is signed up for DSF with me in a few weeks and would need it back pretty quick.

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