Keeping it Simple

I believe and teach that we should always keep things as simple as possible when it comes to self defense.

The following video is a good example of why. This guy had been using a thumb break holster and shooting a Glock earlier in the day and then switched guns and holsters to a 1911 and a holster with a trigger finger release.

language warning for those easily offended.

Years ago after seeing similar accidents I decided to carry only one type of semi auto, the XD/XDM family and only Turus revolvers.

Whever my hand touches the grip under any circumstance I instantly know which I have, Semi Auto or Revolver, the grips are all the same, the controls are all the same and therefore the muscle memory is the same.

The same holds true for my holsters. Leather cross draw or Kydex right hip, all the leather holsters identical, and my Fobus holsters for the semi autos are all identical.

Keep it simple and consistent and you’ll be far less likely to have a bad outcome.


I’ve even taken it as far as all my guns have the same sights on them. Distance between the posts is different but sight picture never changes.

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Ouch! Glad he is still walking. Drawing and holstering a loaded gun is not something to take lightly. Good to see a reminder to practice safe. Got to watch that trigger finger.


Not sure what state he’s in but in State’s like AZ he’d be facing felony charges to go along with the injury.

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Ok, got to ask. What charges? He shot himself.

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There are states like AZ in which an negligent discharge of any kind is a crime. In AZ any ND carries felony charges.

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Dang. Shoot yourself, go to jail. Kinda adding insult to injury.

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