Kansas: Gun-Free Zones Don't Work

Great article about why gun free zones don’t work and what Kansas is doing about it. Definitely worth the read!


If you’re pressed for time, here’s an excerpt from the article:

The recent prevalence of mass shootings in public places, many of which have been posted “no concealed carry” and are often referred to as “gun-free zones,” has shown such areas to be attractive sites for criminals. Elected officials realize that there are liability concerns in posting unsecured buildings. The 2007 Virginia Tech shooting is an example of such an event. A jury found the school liable in a civil lawsuit and awarded family members of victims large cash settlements. In this case, the judge instructed the jury that a special relationship did exist between university officials and the victims and that the bond required officials to provide for their safety and security. The jury found that Virginia Tech’s actions contributed to the deaths of the students.

In America, our right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed, and we must not allow this to be denied anyplace that we have a right to be. The only exception to this is in the rare instances when special security is provided to the general public as a whole. Elected officials and Kansas citizens are figuring out [that] a sign is not adequate security.

Implied in [HB 2052] is that the weapons themselves are not evil, but rather it is the actions of criminals that are evil. We can trust the citizens of Kansas and should not limit their freedoms based on the illegal activities of a few.


This is what struck me the most as it rings so true


I saw an article like this on another sight that I’m on also. And they had 2 articles on GUN FREE ZONES. And one was why they don’t work. I also posted them on my Facebook timeline as well. I think that GUN FREE ZONES need to be gotten rid of altogether. Because as the article says they don’t do what they’re suppose to do. But in fact they do the exact opposite. And GUN FREE ZONES are places where criminals and terrorists choose because they know that NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO SHOOT BACK. So they choose these places to do their dirty work.

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I love Kansas :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: they’re a good neighbor and they’re making more sense than anyone on this.

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Gun free zones simply create easily identifiable pools of unarmed victims in wait.

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