Fact or Fiction: Gun-Free Zones Work

I’m betting we’re all sure that gun-free zones do not work - it’s fiction. Here are some facts to help you back that:

What other facts do you use to show that gun-free zones don’t work?


I think that works for “mass shootings” (3 or more shooting victims) but is it similar for gun violence in general? I thought I had read some stats a couple years back when you take into account all criminal use of guns that it smoothed out and it didn’t make a difference. I could be wrong (or the stats could have updated).

To be clear, I don’t think that gun free zones work for the simple facts criminals don’t care about our laws by definition. I just don’t know that the stats back it (outside of mass shootings).

And this data is still useful/good, because often anti-2A types typically use stats that only include “mass shootings” so it’s helpful to provide data that is apples to apples.


A gun free zone is as effective as this sign.


The politicians who force the gun free zones on us protect themselves with guns (even if they have private security carry them).


One word


Those signs translate into wolf-language as:

Sheep inside.
Warm lunch.
C’mon in!


I think whether it works or not is entirely dependent on what you wanted to accomplish in the first place.

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In one word NO.

When I encounter a person who is in favor of gun free zones, I simply ask them why not post crime free zone sign instead. Best answer I have gotten is, “well, that won’t work…”


To put it slightly different than others have already posted if printed words prevented crimes then there would be no crime as laws are WRITTEN down already so if they had this magical ability nothing illegal could be committed.
Q.E.D. (Hopefully I’m not the only math nerd who gets the joke)