Just Wrong - Porch pirate stopped cold! (Combined topics)

This video is currently treading online. The caption can’t be further from the truth. This is not the reason to conceal carry. As we all know, your permit doesn’t give you authority or special power by law. That package is not worth a reckless endangerment, aggravated assault or assault with a deadly weapon charge. For the record, I am not in favor of thievery and dislike porch pirates.


Dumbest thing I’ve seen today.


That’s just propaganda from the left trying to make responsible owners look bad.


And unfortunately, in the eyes of the sheeple…it works.


Assuming that he hands it to her when he wants to get his package. lol

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Wow! I would not recommend that type of response to porch pirates. It is not worth being arrested, and, depending on where you live, this could get you arrested.


No ones life, including the thief, is worth a package.

Get a doorbell cam, call the police, do your best to not let the packages sit outside long.


While it seems like an incredibly dumb thing to do for so many reasons, I would think that it is also legal on your own property. It was funny how the guy in the getaway car rolled right out of there! nice friends. lol i’m also assuming that many of us answer our own doors carrying concealed or with pepper spray. We do…


I don’t see a video. Just a picture of someone carrying a package toward the person holding the weapon. Even that says nothing about CCW. What am I missing?

Found the video in another topic! Again this has nothing to do with CCW. Looks more like brandishing!

@George98 the person posting the original video made reference to CC.

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Right , Agree

You speak truth on this. I had a neighbor that would tell me , ( if someone break’s into my car they will be shot). I said, just because someone breaking into your car you don’t have the right to shoot them. You will go to jail, and the rest of the story will not be good for you.


I need some help understanding this one. Maybe I have not seen the complete video. My question, the home owner stopped a property thief by confronting him with a command to return the property to the porch. His firearm was never pointed at the thief and I heard no threat to shoot him or harm him. You know you are dealing with a criminal and you carry a defensive weapon for personal protection when confronting that person. Just based on what I see what charge would the home owner possibly face? Thanks…

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And depending on where you live he had every right.

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Anyone who still thinks things go “viral” organically isn’t paying attention.


It was a good laugh!


I’d love for the USCCA legal expert(s) to weigh in on this one.

(I didn’t see the video either - just the person on the porch with his modern sporting rifle apparently addressing the person in the yard with the package).

I most strongly agree that no material item is worth taking a life - and my reading suggests that almost all states would recommend murder charges if you shot someone over property.

As we saw recently when the McCloskey couple that stood outside their home and pointed their firearms at the mob trespassing in their community (all private property I believe) and on their property, their local law was not supportive of their actions - even though there were apparently threats of physical violence from the mob. (Not just threat to property).

I would not do what is being shown in that image.

I know that in my community, even though I was on my own property, an action such as is pictured in the image in this thread would most likely get me immediately arrested, I would have every firearm I own seized (since clearly I would be a demonstrated threat to my neighborhood, community, county and state). I think it would be very likely I would be convicted of a felony (hostile DA), receive the maximum available jail time (The DA and court system must provide an example of their concern and toughness on firearms) and lose a lot more than my guns.

Second item for our moderator - if I open carried a firearm as I talked with the thief on my property, and got arrested - would USCCA cover me in court? (Thanks - this is a serious question).

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Not a legal expert. We really don’t have any details about the situation in the picture so there’s no way to have a response. :confused:

Hypotheticals are never easy to answer as there are millions of unknowns. What I can tell you is that the intent of the USCCA legal protection is to be there for you when you have to legally defend your physical self-defense actions.

I know, not the yes/no answer you’re looking for. Things to consider: are the charges related to self-defense or some other action? What are the local laws? What actually transpired? What led up to the incident?

There are a bunch of variables that hypothetical situations don’t include and therefore we cannot say 100% yes or no. :confused:

It’s all relative to where you live. First, the the theft of package is a property crime. Second, the thief made no threat to the property owner. Third, the property owner left the safety of his home to confront the thief while armed.


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