Jersey Cops Arrest Black Gun Owner Over Licensed Gun, Legal Ammo


Colion Noir did a video on this.


I actually donated, hope it doesn’t bite me you know where.


@Zavier_D–love Colion’s videos.
@MikeBKY–O font and source of legal wisdom–the little boy in me that screams ‘that’s not fair!’ would think he has a case for all sorts of things from a civil rights violation to huge damages for lost wages, and the damage to his earning potential. In the real world, what does he have a chance of successfully doing legally to get back to whole?


I am not a lawyer, not do I play one on TV, but I agree that this situation seems tailor made for a civil suit based on civil rights violations as well as real monetary damages.

The big take-away from this event is the overt racism, and I say this as a person who does not usually jump right to race based explanations. This situation seems to call for it.

Here we have a young black man, a demographic which is often vilified (rightly and wrongly) who is living the life that we as a society have exhorted him to live. No criminal record, gainfully employed, following the rules, etc, and yet arrested in the face of documentation of his lawfulness. This young man appears to have have become the person we hope and encourage all young people to be, and yet all his efforts and good choices have been thrown back in his face. New Jersey LE is behaving like all bullies do when presented with evidence of their mistake-- instead of apologizing, they double down and push on with their agenda.

It will be interesting to see if the news outlet and pundits who, normally so quick to trumpet their outrage in the face of discrimination against minorities, will take up this young man’s cause and, by extension, end up supporting gun rights.


He has to be strategic smart and fight back hard against the system. And no matter what happens keep moving forward.



@Aaron25 New Jersey has created a mess of firearms laws. I understand that the NJSP say polymer filled bullets are not considered hollow points but NJSP does not make the law nor is their interpretation of the law binding on any one or any agency except NJSP. the statute restricts “hollow nose” bullets. Until a court decides, the AG issues an opinion or the legislature defines hollow nose, I wouldn’t depend on their definition.
I cannot say whether his Hornady ammo was illegal. If it is hollow nose, it can only be carried by law enforcement or by civilians going to/from the place of purchase or a range.

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Whenever an article has race in the title, I typically take it as a propaganda piece. I’ll have to watch Colion’s video later.