IWI Masada

Anyone own or have shot one? Saw one in a shop recently and it felt good, was priced good, and my curiosity is peaked.

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I have heard of it and I believe you can see reviews on YouTube.

It’s okay. I found the trigger to have a lot of post wall creep. It is a “budget” gun with cool-kid factor. I would be fine with someone training with it and carrying it. A better option would be a M&P, imo.


Thanks, exactly what I needed to know. I’m expecting questions regarding it in classes at that price point.


I rented one at the range and ran 100 rounds through it. Very impressed. Excellent fit and finish, very low recoil, easy to deliver rounds on target, double-tap. Just a pleasure to shoot, feels good in the hand.


Love all things IWI. I have lots of experience with Galil and Jericho and both are super reliable. I don’t know the Masada, but if it’s IWI, it’s bound to be good.


I jumped on this gun for a couple of reasons. First I want to support IWI and I adjusted my plan by downsizing my wish list for the Galil Ace to the entry level Zion 15…to fit my limited budget. The second reason was because I comes Red Dot ready with cutout and few plates. The bonus for me was the 17 rounds in each mag.

Since owning this Masada, I’ve mounted a Olight green dot with circle and crosshairs. Sadly, the crosshairs are not true horz/vert and a bit off by a degree or two. The company failed to my follow up replies after setting up account…and deleted my account. At first I thought they were going to resolve this, but instead failed. So I’ll write off this company for future purchases. You would be wise to do same.

On the Range: the gun works well enough for my POV. The gun doesn’t have aggressive grip, so that my be concern and you can add wrap if needed. I have not a holster for it yet. The ammo I’ve put in has been flawlessly shot without hiccups; I’ve tried at least 6 different types and confident it will be good for home defense and beyond. 300+ rounds so far and one cleaning/oil session.

Oh, ya…the cost was reasonable for first time entry level purchase if you are looking for rails or RDR.

I would grade this gun a B+.