It looks like the Israelis are seeing the need for a well regulated militia

I thought this was interesting. Basically, the head of national security or policing (not sure how it works in Isreal) is asking citizens to be armed and ready to protect themselves and each other. I’d be interested to see if they loosen gun control laws to allow ownership of more guns and ammo, and more people to carry. In any case, they seem to be seeing a situation that our second amendment was put in place exactly for. I guess it turns out it’s not an outdated concept and still applies in our modern world!


Nothing really new. Those in and out of the military carry regularly. Decriminalization for self defense a good move.


Israel has a mandatory service requirement, and a very high percentage of firearm ownership.

When I was in the military one of my courses had an Israeli instructor. We became friends and we talked alot about Israel. I love the U.S. but if I ever had to change countries, Israel is probably the country I would choose.