It Has Come to My Town..... Active Shooter

The news media put it out as an active shooter, but the police account has it all over in a matter of minutes with the shooter in custody.


At least we can ALWAYS count on MSM to be there when we need them!

If a good guy, with a ccw, would have ended it the msm would be silent.


Lots of questions here:

  • A 911 caller voiced concern after seeing U-Haul truck with wires and pipes sticking out of it.
  • Some type of explosion and fire occurred during the incident
  • Two victims died at the scene
  • Two more victims were taken to the hospital with critical injures
  • Roberto Carlos Silva, 23, was booked into the Sarpy County Jail on charges of first-degree murder and first-degree arson.

Motive? Means? Was this a bombing attempt? Were the injuries sustained all by gunfire, or were there burn or blast injuries? I’ll be following this story closely.

Well, the local lame-steam KETV, channel 7 is calling it a “mass” shooting…

Anyway, here’s more info for ya…