Issue about giving away issues

I had several USCCA Magazines that I had read. I give them away after reading them. I do not throw them away.

Just a few days ago I had 3 of them to give away, and I had difficulty doing so.
Here are some reasons why no one wanted them:

  1. I do not like guns
  2. Can not afford one
  3. They promote violence
  4. It is just all about guns

Some of these reasons I get, but does these prevent you from just reading the magazine. Some people just refused to take them. It was like I was handing out so kind of porn magazines.

Most men I try to give to refuses them. There is a lady about 60 yrs old that thought it was very thoughtful of me to give them away, so she started taking them from me.

So every few magazines I get I give them to her. She reads them and she gives them away herself.

SO WHAT is the issue about giving away these Issues?? Do people do not want to associate themselves with these magazines??.

Am I making this a big deal over nothing??


You are…but, realize that today’s people mostly don’t want facts. they want to be agreed with. They believe what they believe, and will until some source the like (are aligned to) tells them to believe something new/different. Keep up the good fight, though!


In today’s society it would be easier to give away porn magazines, but then you would have the problem of them getting into the hands of a minor, and a whole different bucket of worms.

The stigma around weapons nowadays is unrealistic. I have a friend I work with who wants to eventually purchase his own firearm and get his CCL and I loan out my old USCCA magazines for him to read through to his hearts content. His wife is not very pleased about him reading them. She sees him as becoming a “gun nut” spending thousands of dollars on a room full of weapons “he will never need”. She sees the possibility of their 6-month-old daughter getting her little fingers around a trigger. She sees someone breaking into their home, taking their weapons away and using the weapons against them. The strange part is, she is a country girl who grew up around guns. She has a little .22LR Marlin Model 60 she keeps at her father’s house she uses when she is back on the farm hunting squirrels. It doesn’t make sense.

Yes, weapons can get expensive. We need to be adults and budget our spending.

Yes, weapons can find their way into the hands of children. We need to be adults and take the required precautions so that does not happen. Lock the pistols in a safe when they are not on your hip. Lock the long arms in a safe when they are not being actively used for hunting bears, rabbits, or bad guys.

Yes, the weapons can be taken away from you to be used against you. We need to be adults and train with our weapons so we can use them against the bad guys.

Most importantly, we need to be REASONABLE adults and not be triggered over a tool which has a specific purpose. Guns do not kill people. People kill people.


Beat me to it. To Some, Firearms Magazines are worse than porn.


I like to leave mine at the local barbershop.


You’re giving them away to sissies and pansies. :man_shrugging:t4: ignorance is bliss.

One of my favorites pre-teen years was The Big Book Of Guns.
Most memorable page was the one that said,

I didn’t know it was loaded.


^^^^^^^^^^^^There it is^^^^^^^^^^^
Johnny, Brothers if these were Sears (remember them?) catalogs, if they were
Home and Garden they would be ‘ACCEPTED’ in Dentist, Auto Shops, Beauty Parlors almost everywhere. Simply black out the address , cut it out and Wa-Laa People would read them.
BUT, the Woke Masters have determined their Sheeple ‘Should NOT have Guns’, The Military shouldn’t carry on Bases, Only the ‘Alphabets’ are ALLOWED to handle these Fierce, Scary, Dangerous, Deadly Assault Rifles.
They can blow your lungs out with their 5,000 round clip-a-zeens, their, that are capable of firing 400 rounds a second. BRAIN WASHING for some is complete and no talking, Education,
Offering to teach/take to a Range! (Oh the HORROR!)
Do any of you know when that will change?

WHEN THEY ARE TOUCHED BY VIOLENCE. Sad to say that number will be relatively small because a lot of ‘Vic’s’ don’t survive their first encounter. The .Gov say’s give these poor misguided Yoot’s your Wallets, Purses, Cars, Let them raid your Ice box!
They are OPPRESSED by Whitey and just getting their fair share.
People don’t get into fist fights anymore, a simple assault, bloody nose, wallet taken
have changed to Armed robbery w/ a deadly weapon, and alive to see the turn. Magic (8) Ball do you see me living to see Good triumph over Evil?
Answer: Situation doubtful :8ball: Thanks a lot!


I used to leave controversial magazines like an NRA magazine or Soldier of Fortune in the waiting rooms of medical facilities that had signs forbidding weapons.

Immature…I know, but entertaining.

These days (post plandemic) waiting rooms no longer have magazine racks.


“Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise”
Thomas Gray, 1745


When in those hands they are referred to as “Personal Defense Weapons”. They only become “Assault Weapons” when they’re held by civilians.


Wrap it up. Wrapping paper, friendly news paper with insert type ■■■■. Make it feel special. Fully auto, protection. FFfs

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That’s Right Laddie!
Thank you for the correct .gov interpretation of the Law.
I do not wish to spout falsehoods! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Welcome to the family brother @Julian and we are glad to have you with us.