Concealed Carry Magazine turns 17 today!

Concealed Carry Magazine turns 17 today! Thank you to our loyal readers and everyone else who has helped make it an award-winning publication and the nation’s No. 1 resource for responsibly armed Americans.

What has been your favorite Concealed Carry Magazine article so far? If you have too many favorite articles, what has been your favorite feature of the magazine to date?

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I really like the fact that each year’s issues generally follow the same pattern - each issue covers roughly the same subject matter as that from a year earlier.


I would like to see testimonials from redacted members whom the USCCA helped and then a scenario redacted to protect the identity of course of what happened. What went right, what went wrong etc.


Why don’t you all pick a member(like a contest each month) to help with a review of a firearm? Fly them out, put them up, take them to the range with you all and get a layman’s or woman’s perspective of the firearm or any item that you review.
Get the good , bad and ugly!
Just a thought?


I’m not a trucker but I love road trips so this is a recent favorite.


MY favorite was Pistol Vs Rifle

It’s one of the reasons I do “stretch” my carry pistols legs even now and again. Since most ccw type centerfire calibers are still lethal at several hundred feet, you could fight off an rifle wielding attacker if you had to with a handgun.

Out of a handful of magazines I get paper and electronic this has always been the best! The graphics, art, content and the paper version, the stock used is very nice. I read virtually every article.

The NRA mags could take a lesson.


I get the email one and don’t pay much attention, instead I wait for the actual copy of the magazine. A number of my health providers are private practitioners so I actually will tear off the address and any identifying material and leave them in their waiting areas.