Is there a 2024 EXPO in the making?

By this time in 2022, I found out about the 2022 Expo, and details for the 2023 expo came out right around when the 2022 Expo was going on.

A few months ago I was hit with a survey by USCCA on events other than Expo.

I keep asking and keep getting the run around we’ll update the website.
I don’t want to plan 6 months ahead, I want to plan as far as possible.


The website below will answer your question. Short answer is no expo in 2024.

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Hi , is there going to be a USCCA Expo 2024 , and where and what month.

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Doesn’t look like it

“We’ve decided our 2023 Expo will be the last of its kind. We are taking a hiatus in 2024 to test some new ideas. We will launch our new concept in 2025. We will communicate additional updates as they become available.

We hope you make plans to join us in 2025 as we embark on this new journey and provide you with a refreshed experience.”