Is evolution really 'science'?

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That quote is often used, sadly, way out of context and without the rest of it. Objective ( horizontal) instead of subjective ( vertical) comparison.

So, i took a walk on my new property earlier today and found these bushes/trees growing from out this pile of plastic garbage.
I noticed there were these very light pods growing from the branches.
On closer inspection they were a wet paper like substance so i brought some of the shiny husked ones home.
Turns out the pods were rolls of toilet paper, less the tear serrations, and the shiny husks were resealable bags to protect from rain as the inside was dry.
So much for my evolution theory.

Told ya… :exploding_head:

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I like how you avoided explaining how it was out of context with the “scripture“. Likely because you didn’t appreciate being pointed out as being wrong for admonishing those with which you disagree agree based on your disagreeing with them, with the implication that I am vain - you clearly don’t know me.

I don’t believe, but I don’t go around stating those that are religious are wrong. I even took my daughter to church when she was young so she could learn and understand. Some people need to believe there is something other than our actual existence. I wanted her to be able to understand religious people and if she decided she felt the need, she would know where to find it. I doubt religious people teach their children about Atheism, and if they do, not likely without denigrating those people as you do.

My posts do not denigrate people, but question the foundation of their belief - the Bible, which is clearly a work of men, not God, as I have pointed out using your source book and the history of Christianity.

I could go further and point out that the One True religion must have more devout followers as they conquered most of the lands that were Christian. And the Afghanis defeated both Russia and the USA. It would seem, as the Muslims believe, that Allah is actually the One True God, and that is because Christians are poly-theists according to Islam.

I offer an olive branch. A wise man would take it.


I didnt avoid anything, you didnt ask, how?
Not sure why you think i disaprove your statements.
Vain, proud whats the real difference if one hasent been transformed by the Holy Spirit, humans dont have that power.
No one seeks after the God of the bible, were born bent against God, live in a world system bent against God, ruled by a spiritual being who became proud and was expelled from heaven.
I am sincerely sorry if you think/feel I belittled or defamed you, that wasnt my intention, im sorry.

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I have no issue with what you believe, but implying there is something wrong with a person that does not believe as you do is wrong. Your scripture addresses that, treat others as you would expect yourself to be treated (paraphrased, I know). It’s ironic how common it is for those with issues to assume others have their same issues.

It seems you burned the olive branch.

So you did not mean to personally attack me, but you just can’t help yourself. Got it. Your comments on this have no effect on me, other than showing me your online persona, seemingly devout, but not following the tenets of one’s religion. This is an internet forum, not real life. God is a fantasy character to me, like maybe Gandolf, wise, old, and powerul, but only found in a book.

No worries. I didn’t state that you did. This is the internet and this conversation only has as much meaning as you want it to. I don’t take things seriously in general, and I certainly would not be personally offended by some rando’s comment online - no value in that.

This silliness should be taken private or just ended. It does none of us any good.

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And it’s on fire!


I agree with your last sentence.
I truly am sorry, i’ll not be coming back, it really is not worth it.
On a side note, how do i shut off the send to my email thing?

I always believe in “you do you, I’ll do me”.
If a person believes that they were descended from apes that’s their choice.
It’s MY personal belief that MY original ancestors (Adam and Eve) were created by God.


You are welcome here, but this discussion on religion is not proper in this thread. I am willing to discuss anything, but this topic needs to be private. No one here benefits from this.


I’d like to know how to shut that off also


I agree this is a gun forum.
But somehow I got drawn into reading it.

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Yes, evolution is really a science.

Evolution = Changes in gene frequency/time.
It has been observed ad nauseam.

Yes speciation has been observed. For an example look up the evolution of speciation in American Goatsbeard, also know as salsifies, in the genus Tragopogon. Speciation can take quite a while, but we also have plenty of evidence of species beginning to split. I’d refer any interested readers to Peter and Rosemary Grant’s popular works summarizing the 40 years of work in the Galapagos. “How and Why Species Multiply.”
Also, by the same: “40 Years of Evolution: Darwin’s Finches on Daphne Major Island.”
For a much more academic treatment, Jerry Coyne’s “Speciation” is useful.

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I call and raise you


Perhaps this antagonism arises from a misunderstanding of the question being asked by each discipline. Religion/faith seeks the answer to “Why?”, while science seeks the answer to “How?” Though often held to be an either/or proposition, the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive, but rather can be viewed as complementary. In other words, “Why” is a question of the abstract and ineffable aspects of life. “How” is a question of the physical and mechanical processes of life.

Those who look to the Bible for science are missing the point of both scriptures and science. Those who see science as a proof against scripture are also missing the same two points. They each ask different questions and therefore the answers found can’t be compared on an equal footing.

I have a great deal of respect for science, having used it to good effect repeatedly throughout my personal and professional life. That being said, I find science to be a rather low form of knowledge since, by definition, it can only deal with that which can be measured and observed and tested. More importantly ‘science’ is only science when the same data and processes yield the same result for anyone making use of them. Religion. on the other hand, deals with aspects of life which by their very nature cannot be measured or tested or provide predictable results and therefore is definitively not science.

Saying that religion is not science is not meant to denigrate or dismiss the value of religion. It simply recognizes that the two are separate branches of thought and knowledge. Both are important; both offer much valuable knowledge and understanding. Each can guide and inform and enhance the other. Neither one should be taken to exclude the other.


Within the context of evolution, I think there is a scientific Why. The Why is because environments change, as such, the organism that live in those environments need to change. Evolution fits this. Organisms that never changed would eventually go extinct (probably sooner than those that can change, anyway…all will eventually).

This is also the why behind dying of old age/at an old age. With that age being relative to the time it takes that species to reach sexual maturity. The older individuals of prior generations need to get out of the way of the younger individuals of more recent generations because resources are finite, and change/progress requires out with the old and in with the new.

In terms of knowledge, comparing science and religion, my personal opinion is that one is knowledge and the other is feelings.


easier than the other. Sometimes I use religion sometimes I use science.