Iran Attacks Israel 🇮🇱

The first time Iran has attacked Israel from it’s own soil. Breaking news with much importance for all free people. God bless and protect Israel :israel:


FAFO… Israel will play. :boom:


I agree! Iran will regret this to be sure. I just hope our “administration” does not try to restrain Israel. I am not hopeful. Telegraphing weakness has caused all of this to happen.


Yup… Iran had to do this, they were losing face so bad. :flushed:
I don’t think Israel cares what the biden admin. thinks. :fu:


Or any one else. We’re the laughingstock of the world stage, lead by a clown…


And so it starts huh?

Maybe some are just tired of all the Pushing Evil is doing?

Parking Lot time perhaps? :bomb:


This will end badly for Iran and Biden. He has no choice now but to back Israel and to abandon the Palestinian lunatics that have been screaming at the top of their lungs. Gutless dumba$$ Joe just *ucked himself through his appeasement policies.


You are RIGHT deranged and WRONG at the same time (MOO!)
He has to back Israel BUT he made a DEAL WITH THE DEVIL in the Ultra Left Muslim ‘SQUAD’ that have backed his Lunitic Fringe Admistration…well you can’t really call them policies…
This whole situation is close to the end of WW2 where Hitler supposedly shot himself in his Bunker! (Puddin’ just has a nicer Bunker this time around!)
But THIS time I want proof! I want to see the bodies!

Meet the new boss…same as the old boss!


I don’t think they’ll have his back after this all plays out.


We are watching Rome Burn and the Fiddler…er…um…fiddlin’ as
it’s Firey doom reaches and roasts the Puddin’!
We may not need an election if he implodes after the shootin’ starts
in the Middle East!
Somebody has to mercifully pull the plug on this demented Geezer—


Note media use of the term “retaliatory attack” as if Israel was the one that instigated it.


I still say, we should have done more in 1980 and 81! I was there!!!


Oh look, Iranians being Iranian, again. I participated as a young Gunner’s Mate in the Praying Mantis II operation in '88, coming up on its anniversary even. Let’s see if the Demented One can summon the wattage to order Praying Mantis III on April 18th. The Navy, with their presence in the Gulf already, almost certainly shot down the lion’s share of missiles before they got to Israeli airspace. At least there we know the American taxpayer is getting its money’s worth. Best be buying Raytheon stock. :rofl:


Thank you for your SERVICE Brother.
If they’d only let us ‘FINISH THE JOB’----JUST ONCE!
I’d be happy


I was in Basrah, Iraq in 2011. The amount of ordinance and infiltration coming across from Iran was just insane. The shia militia activity was a real issue. We took incoming rocket fire several times a week. Every shaped charge IED, rocket, mortar round and bullet came right across the river from Iran.

The Iranian revolutionary guard corps (IRGC) was calling the shots at all times. Nothing happened in that part of Iraq without their approval. It was amazing how many rockets they shot at us. We did not lose anybody, which was a miracle frankly. We were well protected by the Phalanx CIWS guns around the perimeter.

Thing was, nothing ever happened to Iran. Obama was president and it took forever before the Army set up a counterbattery heavy mortar system. Once we were able to attack the rocket launch sites, the frequency and amount of the attacks really decreased.

But the approval for this simple countermeasure took months. Months. I was told that the deployment of a mortar section had to be approved from the highest level of government.

Iran has it coming to them from 1978 till today. The ass whipping they deserve is decades overdue. The pain and death these animals have caused demands retribution and they finally, finally need very bad things to happen to them.

It will take Israeli resolve to do it though. I have less than zero faith in our president to do anything but try to hold Israel back. It makes me sick.


I was there in 03 04 05 and was getting ready to go in 06 when I got injured during the workups, they took our mortars in 03 and our MK19s in 06 because they were “destructive” devices.


I don’t doubt it for a minute. The ROE was so restrictive by 2011 I am surprised they gave us ammo.


Thank you all for your SERVICE Brothers.
It didn’t take long for US to raise the question–
‘Who’s side were they (.gov) on?’
No Spectre Gunships (that were already In-Country)
No Up Armored Hummer’s (That were built years ago)
Special Op’s denied (that would have lessened our body count)
Same Same since Vietnam…Same as it ever was…
The thing WE got right when I was Young and dumb is refusing the ‘Aid and Assistance’
of the UN Forces. The only thing those Blue weenies were useful for were roadside markers.


Not to worry Israeli supporters. Joe has your back.

Don’t doubt the man. He’s tough as nails and smarter than a box of rocks. Look what he’s done to our border. If that’s not taking a stance I don’t know what is. Be grateful comrades. NYC is.


Yes, we are. Military, Law Enforcement, the list goes on and on… I saw this yesterday. Worth the twenty-minutes to listen to an expert (30 years a cop; 20 years in SWAT; pro trainer): Why Cops Are Failing to Stop Active Shooters