Inseparable Unity: Gun Rights Are Human Rights | USCCA

Where does your right to bear arms come from? The answer is intuitive for the pro-gun community but often gets lost when conveyed to skeptics. Gun rights go deeper than the text of the Second Amendment. At their core, gun rights are based within human rights. You have a natural right to life, liberty and property that even the most hostile gun-control advocate must recognize.

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OK. Yes. For life safety sake, even hunting, sport, or hobby. Personally, I’d argue the self-defense need. I wonder though, is there also an argument to be made for the support of the economy, thinking of all of those jobs maintained from the firearms industry.

I’d just be careful with the property discussion. This is a complex arena. As they say, “check your local listings”, but if someone is observed stealing my property, if I would use deadly force, I’d face serious legal consequences. As opposed to if my life was clearly hanging in the balance.

I can appreciate your post in that what if I had to use deadly force, and what if it happened in a city, where all 12 jurors are anti-2A. What would happen to me even with the best attorney. How do I create change in the minds of those jurors today, to protect me tomorrow.

In my region, I’m allowed to have my firearm loaded in my home. However, I’m concerned of any future laws that might require me to keep it unloaded at home.


My gun right come from G-d. And it is my G-d given right to be able to defend myself by any means that I choose. And OUR FOUNDING FATHERS ALSO KNEW THIS AS WELL. And that is one reason why they wrote and put the SECOND AMENDMENT where they did after the FIRST AMENDMENT.