Independence Day Traditions

Independence Day is about much more than grilling out and watching fireworks on a day off of work.

But those are some of the most widely practiced traditions when it comes to exercising and celebrating our freedom.

What we want to know is, what are your favorite ways to celebrate our nation’s independence and the freedoms it affords us?


A day off…with pay


Fireworks and grilling. Prolly a little beer in there somewhere. But mainly, it’s hanging with family and good friends.


Don’t have anything planned. Thanks for the encouragement. Happy 4th.:tada: :fishing_pole_and_fish: :partying_face: :boom: :beers: :l :us_outlying_islands: :us:


Watching the City-sponsored Independence Day parade on Main Street :us: Then, free concert in the evening followed by fireworks :boom:


First find and kill a 260 pound pig ( not Pelosi ). Gather burlap, rocks, wood and as many banana leaves as you can find. Couple of heads of lettuce from the House of Representatives, some chicken wire and a tarp.

Dig a grave, I mean ditch, ok a pit, 2’ x 6’ x 2’ fill it with lots of wood ( not Schummer or Schiff ).

Pile on all the rocks and cover all the cracks ( like Kinzinger and Cheney ).
Fill this with as much lighter fluid as you can carry. Let it soak into the wood. Light a match, toss from a distance, lose eyebrows, beards, ( they don’t call them sideburns for nothing) and some Nadler.

Let that burn for the duration of an impeachment hearing.

Prep the pig ( ________________________), your choice! Lay down chicken wire, next a layer of banana leaves, coat the pig with a layer of soy sauce, brandy and five pounds of rock salt ( not Janet Yellen ). Line the inside of the pig with banana leaves and some Swalwell.

Once the fire dies down and the rocks are white hot and glowing red and they will be glowing, like AOC. Spread some hot coals out creating a flat surface like Kamala’s work ethic.

Find some gullible liberals hand them shovels to dig out some of the glowing hot rocks. To be placed inside the banana leafed pig. Steam will spray from every orifice just like when the Roe v Wade decision was handed down.

Wrap the pig in the chicken wire and tie it off like a January 6 committee, allow the liberals to line the hot coals and glowing red hot rocks with the lettuce and banana leaves.

Now that you’ve been acquitted, carry the pig and drop it in the pit of leaves, rocks and coals.

Cover the whole committee with a double layer of leaves and wet burlap. Try not to let any liberal steam escape! Cover completely with a tarp. Use mass media dirt to cover all the edges, NOTHING should escape and will probably start to balloon up like a Clinton hoax.

Allow to simmer in their own juices for approximately 16 hours. Then let the flaying begin. You can enjoy your pig for the next 6 months if properly preserved, like the Bill of Rights!


Now, why would you insult pigs like that?


Mine is going to the gun range and doing some shooting. I have 2 guns that I just put scopes on and need to sight them in.


I am working till 4 pm serving hotdogs and burgers then I am joining two others to march in the trio revolutionary uniforms playin’ Yankee Doodle while I carry ol’ glory and the other plays the flute while the other plays the drum. Then watch fireworks and go to bed about 11 pm. Don’t judge! :joy: :joy: :yawning_face: :yawning_face:


What range is in the picture, Ben Avery?


It is Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club which the Usery Mountain shooting Range out in Mesa, AZ.


Looks nice. A bit far for me though (west side).


@Scott52 … sounds like a recipe that tastes just right.


We host a morning neighborhood parade 'round the block.
Kids decorate their dogs wagons bikes and scooters.
Boom box plays patriotic music
Seniors in lawn chairs watch us pass “in review”
Cookies, drinks and fruit for all on our lawn after the parade
Done and everything put away before it gets too hot

30 year running now, except for a break during the 'rona. Good times :+1:


Ben Avery is an hours drive for me. Rio Salado is 26.5 miles from my home.


Happy Anniversary @Paul008 and God bless you.

@Johnnyq60 … thanks for acknowledging. May his grace shine on you and yours. Have a great 4th!

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The 3 years I spent in Germany in the US Army, the locals would sponsor a party on our airfield, we’d invite as many Rotary wing aircraft as we could from our NATO partners then it was food and drink for all, for free.


Happy 4th to you and your family Tim and all at Delta Defense.


Our Independence Day celebrations stretch back to the early 1960s when all of the families on our little street in La Habra, CA, would gather on our driveways. Then the dads would put on the individual fireworks shows, on the driveways, to the ooohs and awwws of dozens of kids watching in wild-eyed facination.

We hated for these celebrations to end. So much so that we would rise early on the 5th and collect all of the spent cones and candles from the gutter while jabbering about what a great show we’d witnessed the night before. It was a magical time to grow up in America.

I’m sharing a story about one final Independence celebration with my mother. It occurred four years ago today—but I remember it as if it were yesterday. Hope it speaks to you about your celebrations and memories: