Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, and may the traitors to our country receive their just rewards!


Maybe we don’t need AR-15’s after all. On the new battlefield maybe we need something more devastating. Perhaps we should commandeer AI and use it, without prejudice, until the enemy is annihilated!

There are many ways in which to wage war!
They have obviously been waging war on us since he was VP! We’ve just denied it, memed about it, all the while they are racking up the body count!

Whether by indoctrination, plandemic mandates or changing names, words and our children’s minds, Sun Tzu would be very proud!
We can’t win this war with lollipops and tootsie rolls!

Who is our modern day Washington or Patrick Henry?
“Give me liberty, or give mea death!” Pretty ballsy.
Compared to them, we are wimps!
The current administration is in no way, shape or form protecting the constitution!

“When in the course of human events ( we are on that course ), it becomes necessary for one people ( that’s us ) to dissolve the political bands ( that’s the current administration ) which have connected “them” with another, … you know the thing…should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
Yada, yada, yada :question: Or do we really believe this sh@t?

For some reason, it doesn’t appear to me that he is declaring yada, yada, yada! Doesn’t exactly look like a terrorist either! It was a country they were forging! Has anyone looked into the word forging.
Wweellllllll, it’s a process used to form and shape using compressive forces! Are they not using these same forces against our way of life?
I still believe in America, I just don’t think we have the balls to forge anything! That is our destiny! China is forging ahead with the assistance of our own citizens, companies and politicians! Prove me wrong!


China is turning into a paper tiger. They still have claws at the moment but their population is inverted. Not sure on exact numbers but roughly 2/3 of china’s population is over 50, they can’t feed their own population, they are buying our and the world’s debt to the point gubments will either default or heel to their demands. The US is currently supplying the food china needs to feed its people. Just like they can cut down our economy; we can shut down their food supply. The first thing any opponent china attacks will target the three gorges dam taking whole swaths of ppl and what little farm land they currently have producing. The biggest threat from china right now are their three aircraft carriers which aren’t very good but that is slowly changing. China and Taiwan currently exchange artillery fire that isn’t reported in the news. Also china was taken aback of the world’s reaction to russia invading the Ukraine. Those same sanctions would be imposed on china.

Edit: meant to include; if enough countries default on their debts to china I think they will cease to be a country.


You’re right, we are supplying China and the other third of their population are highly trained and disciplined warriors!

In addition I heard that a starving rat will eat pretty much anything, so trying to starve out China will only piss them off! It’s not just forces abroad, we are being eaten from within. No time in our history has this taken place!
Must nip that in the bud! Then worry about outside forces!
We still have plenty to be concerned about. France is about to implode!


They can only be pissed off for so long before they start turning on their own gubment because they are starving to death. An army without food is not an army. Biggest fear would be ; would they use their nukes?

France is a mess because of multiculturalism. If they can kick the moslems out, they could turn into a regional power similar to the Napoleon era. That would be something to see.




A bunch of old, white, communists.???