In the Market: Buying and Selling Used Guns | USCCA

Though there’s nothing like shooting that “new gun smell” right out of a factory-fresh firearm, there’s a lot to be said for finding a solid deal on a used gun. Like a good deal on a used vehicle, you let someone else take the depreciation hit and, depending on what you’re after, you get all of what you wanted for less. There are, however, some universals that you’ll need to keep in mind.

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Indeed. How would anyone from anywhere check the bore…

A thumbnail or white paper works for all firearms… and has for decades and have used both for decades.

But, used firearms always do have a risk. If you have parts, and can repair firearms, you can always take the chance, but it is a risk… but then again, you can get some good deals.


I got my Ruger EC9S used. It is great. And I just got a S&W model 19 used, most accurate Handgun I have ever shot. But I do recommend buying used from a shop. A buddy of mine has bought two guns used over the years from private owners and has regretted it.

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