Illinois: Want to help oppose a Bill which would limit where we can legally carry?

Fellow advocates of fire-arm rights,

IL Carry .com alerted me about a Bill (HB4296) proposed to limit where we can legally conceal carry, and asks if Illinoisans would help to oppose it, buy creating your own citizen log in to the state legislature (IGA), checking the oppose box, and signing the witness slip. It’s kinda like a petition. I did.

If you already have a password, please read on. If you’ve signed a witness slip before, please feel free to share your experience to help newbies, as when I first created my log in and signed a witness slip, it was a big complicated for me, but now I got the hang of it. It’s free and felt good reading how many of us signed petitions in high numbers, Vs. those who chose different stances.

I attached a few related links below. Thanks for your support.

Bill being proposed:

IGA Witness Slip log in/creation:

Instructions how to fill out a witness slip:

Il Carry .com


Definitely need to get those witness slips in and press your representatives.