If you are a convicted felon in the United States should you be allowed to work for the American people as President of the United States

If you are a convicted felon in the United States been denied the right to vote also denied employment. You are entitled to legal compensation. If Donald Trump is allowed to vote for himself as President of the United States and hold the job of President of the United States as a convicted felon !!!You have a legal civil rights violation case!!!

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Does a convicted felon have to pay income tax?
If you can’t vote you have no representation, and taxation without representation ain’t kosher, is it?


I think that went out the window back in the 1930s time frame.

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Do you think it’s right for a person with a felony conviction to hold a job in the highest office in the United States of America yes or no???

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Yes, felons should pay taxes everyone pays taxes in the USA, except the lawbreakers .You are right it’s not.

Just say no to drugs

None of the crimes he’s accused of we felonies until this sham trial. The Feds wouldn’t touch it, Let’s wait for the appeal before passing judgement. And in answer to your question, I’ll take a felon over a Traitor any day. If you ask what I mean, look at our border, our laws are clear and executive orders that allow drugs to cross and kill 100k people a year, cartels getting rich off human trafficking, known terrorists coming in. I could keep going, and anyone who says this has been going on for some time, then I hold the one in office to solve it. I could keep going on Ukraine, Israel, China, etc. but I won’t.


I wonder how DJT will get a security clearance with a felony conviction. The PDB will be completely redacted. How can he do his job with that?

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Can a convicted felon visit his dad in the White House?

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If you can’t vote because you were found guilty of a felony through the judicial process, it’s okay.

Kind of like, you know, the convicted criminals that can’t own guns, or have to go to jail.

BIG difference between a whole nation or group of people being stripped of a Right just-cause, and an individual losing a Right due to their personal criminal behavior, through court of law and a jury.

That is an interesting case but doesn’t seem applicable to one convicted of criminal felony does it? “Civil domestic restraining order in the absence of a corresponding criminal conviction or charge”. We have criminal conviction here


Hey, The People already put an unconvincted criminal, traitor and pedophile in the Oval Office…. Just saying


Just look at all the criminals in congress. What’s one more in the White House? At least his one appears to care more about this country’s citizens than emptying our coffers to other countries.


Everything you are complaining about has not affected your life or your families life not one bit!!!Your complaint is something you heard from Fox News Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh in all of those right wing nitwit ding backs you don’t even have the true facts you just going off of something you heard them say!!! their news channels are fake news design to scare the living daylights out of you so that they can manipulate you to do they’re will be done!!!

No,The Republican nominee can’t He’s deceased, I presume

Hey, stop talking about George W Bush Jr .like that!!

I know you’re not going to give us a straight answer, but what are YOUR information sources? Where do YOU find the truth?