If you are a convicted felon in the United States should you be allowed to work for the American people as President of the United States

Yeah, my sentiments exactly sounds just like something a Republican would say referring to all the Republicans in Congress.

What does this have to do with the topic?

He is a leftist troll. I am ignoring anything he types.


Yeah., and the laptop is Russia disinformation, inflation was 9% when Biden took office, I didn’t just pay over $80 to fill the tank of my Gladiator and I just imagined I paid $275 for 4 small bags of groceries.

This country is in the shitter and the idiot you apparently voted for to put in charge is responsible which makes anything you post sheer idiocy too.

Have a great day…


Hmmmm, last I heard Jesus hasn’t come back yet. That to me at least means Rush is still dead in the ground like he has been for the last 2 or 3 years.

Edit: ah the sound of freedom in the distance. Bet you would take away everyone’s rights too if it wasn’t for THE PEOPLE having firearms.

I find it interesting!

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My question about the case is, how does a business records misdemeanor (what the case was actually about from a legal standpoint) get turned into 34 felonies? Yeah, nothing fishy here….


…. elevated by election law felonies that NO ONE has prosecuted or being convicted of but the judge instructed the jury to see them as factual. WTAF!!!