If not a RIFLE, why not?

I’ll stick with with my 9mm for now.


9mm is also my go to for home defense. But there have been a lot of tests showing that .223 with non barrier blind rounds is actually slightly less capable of going through house walls with a lot of left over energy than most 9mm options.


This is a very astute observation. Back, some number of years, after I had crushed 7 vertebrae in my lumbar spine from L1 to S2. I couldn’t walk for quite some time, and once I regained my ability to function. I kept one lesson I learned the hard way in my mind.

That lesson was a very easy one. Look like prey, walk like prey, or act like prey, you will find someone who will treat you like prey. So even when it killed me, pain wise, (I am a good sized man) I always tried to present myself as a predator and that there easier targets.

So between that and my desire to be a Sheepdog rather than a Wolf. I have found that between how I think of myself, and my situational awareness, most people leave me alone, as they think it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

So adding to what others have pointed out. Making yourself less attractive as a target is probably 90% mental.


That’s a great point. But keep in mind that 5.56 was never designed as a man killer round. A strategic decision in the military was made for a round that would:

  1. wound an enemy combatant and force the OP Force to need a number of people to take care of that wounded, this putting a strain on their logistics.

  2. That it would be a lighter in weight round, so more ammo could be carried by the Infantry and logistical tail.

  3. It needed to be accurate out to 400 yards or so.

That’s why my best competition AR-15 is chambered in 5.56.

But for SD my AR-15 is chambered in .300 Blackout.


I have a .45 AR Banshee with a silencer, flashlight, red dot, laser. I have considered using it because of the easy target acquisition and it is compact. I have my .45 1911 that is what I have trained with and is my EDC so, that has been my go-to HD weapon. I am open to using my Banshee though.


I have posted this in the past-LVPO vs red dot


I don’t know, care, or judge current decisions by what the cartridge was supposedly designed to do, but, rather, what it actually does with the ammunition currently available. :wink: (implied also that it’s not about killing, but stopping)

BUT an AR in 300 blackout with good super ammo will fill that role quite well,and even wuth subs it is at least as powerful as a pistol and more accurate


Personally, I would not choose the Banshee.

  1. That’s a lot of money tied up in mods. If it gets confiscated.

  2. If you get a DA that wants to make a rep off you those are a lot of mods you have to explain. (Yes, I understand they all help make the gun more accurate).

I would use the EDC you train with and are most comfortable with.

But that Banshee :scream::ghost: sounds like a beautiful gun.:slightly_smiling_face:


I have thought of that too! I sure would be at a loss if I ever had it confiscated. Every time I go to the range and people see it they get all googly eyed over it.


The Banshee sure is pretty, and some real good tech with the radial delayed blowback.

I have a SIG MPX that I’ve considered using in rotation for home defense, but a 9MM round out of a longer barrel is not what I’m looking for at this time for HD, so the handgun will suffice for the 9MM rounds. The AR pistol is 5.56 and loaded with 69 Grain Hollow Point ammo (.223 ammo). With the shorter barrel on the AR pistol muzzle velocity is slightly decreased so it does help with reducing over-penetration.

I found an interesting article about 5.56 ammo for home defense. It might be helpful for reference:


I have a few rifles and I keep loaded magazines (and clips) ready, but they aren’t the first thing I’d grab in a home defense situation. There’s nothing wrong with using a rifle for home defense, but I prefer them outdoors.

First, my pistol is on me. In the event of a home invasion, I need to react fast. That means I’m responding with what I have on me, instead of running to the safe. But should I need to retreat back to where my rifles are stored, I have some extra firepower waiting for me.

Second, in the shoot/no-shoot training sessions I’ve been in, I have not noticed a consistent advantage with long firearms like rifles or shotguns in confined spaces. Let me be clear, there are plenty of ways to screw up home defense with a pistol, too. But a long barrel can make it harder to clear corners and maneuver in tight spaces.

I’m saying all this, even though I’m the guy who repeatedly says that the purpose of a pistol is to get you to a rifle. In home defense, use whatever you have. But with closed spaces to move in and loved ones to protect, make sure you’re practicing with what you’ll use.


All very good points. The barrel length of the rifle for indoor maneuverability is definitely an issue that must be considered for home defense. That is the main reason that I’ve assembled a rifle caliber pistol (5.56mm, 12.5 inch barrel, AR controls, pistol brace) for Home Defense.

If I’m at home and it is day time, I’m carrying my 9mm pistol. However at night, the AR and the 9mm pistol are setup/ready for home defense. If I have to investigate a bump in the night, the AR is the main firearm.

If there was a home invasion during the day, my pistol would be the default as it is always with me. And like you said, the purpose at that time is to stop the threat and/or get to the AR whichever is necessary.


I love that they tested with a gel and objectively measured results…would have loved it more if they used one of the controlled expansion self defense/hunting/LE type loads in that mix too, though. But…they did include the very common bulk 55gr and 62gr 855 types which is useful to know as many people have a lot of that on hand


Yes, I think they did a pretty good job with their testing and conclusions.

Not related to this test, but one of my pet peeves with videos that test against gel is that a lot of tests are done firing from the shoulder, for rifles, or from the hands, for pistols. I’d like tests to not introduce operator error (shooting low/high, limp-wristing, distance, etc.) at all. For ballistic tests I’d like the platform to be completely stable, always at the same distance, same trigger pull, etc. Control as much as possible the things that are not being tested. We are not testing your “shooting prowess”. I want to see what the round actually does.


Aren’t all of those things pretty well accounted for by the full on tests that measure velocity through a chrony and only measure accurate shots that stay within the gel block though?


You would think. If you get to see enough ballistic gel test videos you’ll see that is not necessarily the case.

I guess it is amusing, in a train wreck kind of way, when the test fails catastrophically because you hit the table instead of the gel. Most of the time, I’d just like to see the tests, not the B-reel.


For me, I use both a pistol and AR.

Pistol is for getting everyone to our safe area since it is easier to maneuver in the tight areas of the house. There are too many areas of the house where I can’tmove quickly with the AR due to space constraints.

AR is for perimeter defense and primary once we are all in the safe area.


Really good conversation going on.

Now a separate question still related, in order to familiarize with your actions during an HD situation, do you “train/practice” in the house? How do you do it, and what tools do you use?

Me, I’ve been getting really familiar with the MantisX system. I’m really tempted to get a Blackbeard to practice movement around the house with the AR, and setup targets to practice marksmanship under stress/time. My next training system is going to be the Mantis Laser Academy to use for in-home practice. BTW, USCCA members get a discount with Mantis for their products. Look in the USCCA Dashboard - Perks and Discounts → scroll for Mantis


I love my MantiX.


Do I? No.
Should I? Yes.

But, the house is full of people. I don’t walk around pretending that I’m defending the house, because it would freak them out. On rare occasions when I’m home alone, sure. Otherwise, I’m just keeping my training in mind as I walk through the house, similar to how I always find the exits when I’m in a new building.