Huh, Are you kidding me?


This is how the democrats ensure gun related crimes continue in order to continue their attacks on the 2nd Ammendment! Commit a gun related crime…get let off with a slap on the wrist!


Two days prison per firearm… these were really shitty firearms… :rofl:


I bet the gun hating democrats, are hating, that the guns were not used in a mass shooting!!!


This is how we can be sure that the anti 2A crowd, including liberal prosecutors and judges, really have zero interest in reducing “gun violence.” (their term, not mine).

The vast, vast majority of guns used in crimes are stolen. If possession of a stolen gun was treated and prosecuted as a major felony, I’m willing to bet that we’d finally see a real meaningful decrease in so-called gun violence.


you’re absolutely correct enforce the laws we have already. I would dare to say make them more stringent. not with jail but, something even worse, like IDK if you are caught with a stolen gun during a crime. then you lose fingers on your dominant hand no jury no long drawn out courts. sure it sounds drastic but, it’ll decrease crime once the 1st dozen or so lose their digits.


He was a ‘TOOL’ Alright

Do what the friendly Muslim community does with thieves Leo—They take the whole hand!
Their reasoning (explained to me by my Translator) is they do this because EVERYONE knows this Phucker is (Not was) IS A THIEF! He is known and will never be trusted ever again with anything!
If he continues his thieving ways they take the other or disappear him/her.
Kinda like an Islamic (2) strike rule! “No Life for you!”
Ends recidivism after the second offense.
No long ‘rap’ sheets, just a bump on the side of a road somewhere
‘Where’s Samir? Haven’t seen him around anymore?’ ----‘You’re standing on him!’----Oh!
I saw a thief caught stealing from a Mosque once, No Trial arrest…nada…they took him up the stairs of the Mosque, opened up the huge 1K# doors held out his arm and slammed the one door shut.
Can you say Ginsu ‘knives’? Like a Guillotine !, (Then they threw him down the stairs)

Justice was served.


Probably found the guns next to his blow and hookers… My bad I’m thinking of hunter biden


I’ve seen videos of Brazilian street justice against thieves.

Seems like they’re given a choice.

Take a bullet to the head.

Or HOLD THEIR HAND OUT and take the round through the palm.

Not full amputation, but puts a hand out of commission and clearly marks them for life as a thief.


Another twist on the hand removal thing. When I was in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War, a citizen explained that they take the right hand. In their past, people wiped their butts with the left hand. It was hence considered a dire insult to use your left hand when interacting with other people.

I bought some food from an arab vendor in Kobar Towers one day. I accidentally handed him my money with my left hand. Big insult to him and he was instantly very angry. I apologized quickly and he calmed down. It was amazing how quickly he was upset.

So, part of taking the right hand away was forcing the thief to automatically offend anyone he needed to hand something to. Bottom line, don’t be a scumbag thief in 1991 Saudi Arabia or before.

Don’t even get me started on the religious morality police over there. Sharia law is a police state, putting it mildly. It may be better now, but not back then.


Sharia Law…OMG!
I saw a woman (at least I think it was a woman)
Burka potato sack on, Headless, sitting on side of a main road skirt hiked up
to her hoo-ha, head literally in her hands (in lap)
Husband did it because she ‘embarrassed’ him by getting caught with…wait for it! (3) BOOKS!
The Horror he must have felt
People live in the Flintstone age! Yabba dabba doo!


What a wonderful concept arrest and punish the criminals. Next thing you can expect them to claim to be the victim. Oh yeah the already do that. One thing I need to say is. If you ever have to defend yourself with a firearm. Aim for the light switch. You never know if your assailant is wearing body armor. OK just so there’s no confusion here
Point at the top of the :nose: lights out!


you must have gotten the same vendor as me. I did the same thing


Me too!

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Question ? Does anyone knows about Virginia Conceal Permit. I was able to purchase a gun , took the class and then applied for conceal permit. However received a hearing for 6 months later. Not anyone in that office would explain to me the process and why that hearing was issue. Need help, please