HR 8 in CT

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39,740 gun deaths but she fails to mention that 99% of those were suicides.
I have received these same letters, just different state.

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another CT idiot thinking criminals will follow their laws…I dealt with Murphy and Blumenthal for a few years, got the same response you did over and over, gave up, and am looking forward to moving to a freer state…with less taxes.
Young guy I worked with was telling me he could get any firearm he wanted in New Britain…on the streets. No background check needed. I find it kind of ironic that most gun related crimes in the state that I read about have a perp who isn’t licensed to carry a gun…yet,golly gee, somehow they managed to get one…I told murphy and blumenthal, perhaps if they printed out their laws in ALL CAPS, PERHAPS THE CRIMINALS WOULD FOLLOW THEM! :crazy_face:
Welcome, Anthony, from a fellow nutmegger.