How one's life could change and very quickly

How one’s life could change and very quickly from Road Rage. I was on a three lane road making a left turn onto a feeder road with three lane as well. Everyone knows the left lane is a turn lane only, the middle can turn or go straight, but the right lane is straight only. We’ve all seen them the Bad Boys with a Big Truck, well I’m in a 18 wheeler ( Mines is Bigger & all trucks are not slow ) he decides to turn with me from the right lane & I wasn’t looking where he wasn’t supposed to be. I was looking at my trailer left side so not to cut off anyone, when I become aware of him he was climbing down off of the cube. At this point it gets interesting he jumps in front of me as we are getting onto the 4 lane Highway then he starts to stop in front of me so I had to lock them up & he seen that I was going to hit him so he gave me some room & he did that two more times. Well we got stopped in the right lane & he gets out of his big truck & he is walking back to me in the second lane & a car hit his arm with there mirror as they went by him, at that time he began telling me how stupid I am. My reply was you stopped in the Highway in Rush Hour Traffic & me with 10,000 Gallons of LP Gas strapped on my you know where & I’m Stupid. The good news is he didn’t pull his & I didn’t pull mine.


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