How many defense gun uses every year?

In a 2013 study ordered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and conducted by the National Academies’ Institute of Medicine and National Research Council, it was found that the defensive use of a gun by a victim is actually a fairly common occurrence.*

How many defensive gun uses happen every year?

  • 50,000
  • 250,000
  • 500,000
  • More than 500,000

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*From Beth Alcazar’s latest blog:

Why don’t we hear more about the good guy with a gun?


It’s not politically expedient for the talking heads.


Because the media is controlled by anti gun persons, or a pandering to them. Either way, anything which doesn’t further their agenda gets buried.


Depending on who’s numbers you use 1.5-3 million DGU’s in the US each year most of which will never be reported to police because the gun was never even fired.

Why don’t we hear more on the subject in the news? It doesn’t support the anti gun agenda of the left including he majority of those working for the anti gun corporate media giants.

  1. It doesn’t fit the narrative
  2. It doesn’t suit the agenda
  3. Crimes that didn’t happen aren’t news

When someone successfully defends, the threat of crime is there, but often the crime itself is not. Someone approaches you to rob, but is scared off when they see you are armed, nobody gets hurt… that’s a crime the cops probably aren’t even going to try to solve because they are often under-manned and have more important crimes to address.

In the eyes of the news, its barely even a crime, certainly not a headline, and absolutely not going to help them keep market share.

Unless the intended victim is remarkable in some way… famous or pathetic or incredibly sympathetic, it’s not “news-worthy”. Crimes that don’t happen just aren’t news.

Agendas aside, the news is a business. “Nothing bad happened” doesn’t sell papers or make people tune in… fear, mayhem, violence, and disaster do.


I cheated…I read the article yesterday… :frowning:

We don’t hear more for exactly the reason Beth and others have stated…it doesn’t fit the narrative…followed closely by the old axiom “if it bleeds it leeds” and so because no one was injured/killed…or another partisan attack/scandal against the President…and it’s not a puppy/kitten that needs adopting…….it just doesn’t matter.


That’s an understatement. Now, here in Michigan our Governor continues to veto budgets that don’t meet her demands, including the budget for emergency services and law enforcement.


Most of them go unreported due to no shots even being fired which makes it far less likely they’ll ever get any time in the press.


How many? Take the number of DGU 's reported in the media, multiply by 10,000, and you might get close to a low estimate of the actual number


Because of capitalism. Only “shock” events sell commercial time. That is why we don’t hear about all the shootings in large cities, it is NOT news… it sells no commercials. How much does CNN rake in when covering a mass murder for 48 hours straight? They are hypocrites.

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