How long should you keep ammo?

How long should you keep ammo in storage? Is there a time limit?Or does it not matter

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That is a very nebulas question. much of that depends on how the ammo is stored. I have shot some 20 year old ammo that was stored in a sealed container that worked just fine, I have also seen some brass ammo just a year or two old, starting to turn green from moisture, that I wouldn’t consider putting in a firearm. Properly stored in a cool dry place, a good quality ammo should be safe for at least a year. I generally order 1,000 rounds at a time for each caliber handgun I have and will go through that in six months to a year with no problems. I believe the storage is they key, cool dry place.


Having moved from a moderate temp dry place to a high humidity hot to cold place… controlling the humidity in stored ammo is pretty important. We’ve shot some pretty old ammo but you want to inspect it first… and green is definitely a bad thing.

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Till I shoot it…

Granted, all my ammo is commonly vacuum sealed with moisture absorbers or in sealed ammo cans with moisture absorbers…

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I’ve fired some 70 year old 7.62x54r stuff before. It’s my understanding, as long as the ammo is visually ok, and not discolored, damaged, or corroded, then it’s fine.

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Be sure to dispose of old ammo in a safe manner. Check with local police departments or gun ranges to see if they’re able to help you dispose of old ammo.