How do you prepare yourself for the day?

How do you prepare yourself for the days activities? As in, what do you have for breakfast providing you do have breakfast or similar to prepare your mind and body for the day and to be aware of your surroundings.

Middle of the day we are usually doing good and even into the afternoon but mornings, those can be foggy.

A good nights rest is a great start but do you consume or do to fuel your mornings so you can be alert and ready?

Personally, I make myself smoothies, 12-16oz frozen blueberries, milk to blend, scoop whey protein powder, and chia seeds. A power shake with fuel through the morning and if it’s not enough, a hint of caffine as well.

I love the smoothie idea, but for me, it’s usually a bit more than a hint of caffeine. :wink:

I do tend to have a full breakfast (eggs or a breakfast sandwich) for protein.

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I work from 1pm until midnight. So I start off with a sandwich. Snack at work, then a meal when I get home. Caffeine, absolutely.

1:30am to 10:00am

What is “breakfast”? Caffeine in copious amounts wakes me up well enough.

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Breakfast = first meal of the day no matter how long you have been up or what time of the 24hr period it is.

My physical preparation: Breakfast is usually cereal (cold or oatmeal) or toast with fruit juice. Then a pot of tea (various kinds, lasts me until noon) or a homemade latte.

My personal preparation: A few chapters of the Bible (I’m in 1st Samuel right now) and a devotional. Usually before breakfast.

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Coffee, and more coffee. Pick up my phone and look at my schedule. But first coffee.

My first meal of the day, on work days, is a protein bar or hard boiled egg.

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Coffee. I have finally taught the casual coffee drinkers at work to get their coffee and go chat somewhere away from the pot… :slightly_smiling_face:

Got tired of them blocking my access to my daily dose of coffee.

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Work nights so a constant fog and keep enough in the reserve tank for that really bad day. I try to minimize caffeine so when I use it it works. Lots and lots of water. Nothing about my day to day is routine which has it’s positives and negatives.

Ok a can of biscuits and pound of bacon on Monday night. Tuesday through Friday, biscuits(with all natural honey) and bacon. I make my lunch box stuff(sandwich, leftovers, etc) the night before. I don’t function well at 5 am. Lay out my clothes, and throw a clean pair of socks near my boots. My keys, wallet, knife, etc are all right next to my nightstand safe, so I grab all of that right before I put my boots on and head out.

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