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Link went south just when i went to post it.

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@Kwbr - the link is displaying “Page Cannot be Found.” Also, do you have a link for the assertion argued against in the link? This is news to me.

“Interesting Study contravening argument that 2nd Amendment was made obsolete by professional police forces”…Page Cannot be Found :joy:

Without the download you can see the summary. I believe you need an account on the site to download.

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try typing in the url, the link resists copying. There is an attached pdf that explores the chaos of this summer resulting from the hamstringing of the police. There are numerous citations of the contra 2nd amendment argument as well as a compendium of armed citizens protecting their businesses and lives.

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thank you, Kevin

Well, without access to the entire document, it’s impossible to know what sources are cited. I haven’t seen the assertion anywhere. A little help?

@Kevin1776’s link worked for me and on that page you can click “Download this paper” to get the PDF.

The Summary pretty much tells it all. (edited below for brevity). The PDF has a ton of links documenting each part

…The article proceeds in three parts. The first part will summarize arguments from various prominent commentators that the right to self-defense with firearms is anachronistic in the contemporary United States. These critics argue that Americans can and should rely solely on their local professional police force to protect them.
The second part of the article will focus on how this argument has been undermined by recent events.
Finally, the last part of the article will discuss examples of individuals and groups of citizens using firearms in self-defense during the recent unrest in the absence of effective law enforcement.