How are you protecting yourself in these times


Bear Mace. Has an indelible die in it to mark a bear. Works great on people too!


And I have two cans!


Oh this thread took an interesting turn. “Booby traps? Claymores?” Wow. I’d have to live alone to setup traps, but the concept I like lots.

Bear mace is something I may now acquire for distancing problematic ppl. Thx for the tip.

I have a slingshot that I use with 58cal paintballs to chase away 4 footed critters from our property so as to not kill, hurt much, but also do the job + leave a nice yellow paint mark. Suppose that’s not practical to carry really, too bad.


Paintball gun. They make some decent paintball pistols. Use florescent paint so you know if it’s a 4 legged critter you gave a chance to before.


A thought here, quote from Thomas Jefferson:
“We in America do not have government by the majority – we have a government by the majority who participate… All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

This strongly echoes one by Sir Edmund Burke, who said, “All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Jefferson would’ve been familiar with that I’d assume.

–IMO, we who carry and support the 2A are clearly participating, to at least an extent.
I recently ramped it up a bit by joining my state 2A defense group. Already was a GOA member, but want to stay advised at both state and federal level of 2A threats, esp after I’d read that most of our counties are now 2A sanctuaries…

Much more can be done of course, but awareness of legislation is key. I’ve considered volunteering at board of elections this year as well. We’ll see.


After January 12, in VA. For their annual lobby day and tens of thousands of protestors, showed up, represented so many different points on this great :art: we call life. Acted calmly, did not allow themselves to be invited into any misconduct which Gov. Northam did his very best to do. They even cleaned up after themselves.

Of course Northam tried to take credit for the peaceful protest, and the MSM only mentioned the Caucasian males there instead of the coalition that was as diverse as America is.

But I felt an incredible surge of optimism, surely Virginia’s elected representatives would see the will of the people they represented and carry out the will of the people they represented.

At last count something like 96% of Virginia’s various forms of local Governments voted to make themselves 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Cities.

Did any of this outpouring of support stop the bought and paid for Democratic Super Majority from enacting harsh gun control measures. Nope.

That’s why I am starting to get cynical.


I’m watching to see how they try to enforce what they’ve enacted. And am very glad I dont live there, a sentiment that only recently changed.

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Well, when Gov. Northam requisitioned $7.5 million to hire an 18 man squad, my guess is that he plans to use them to start any gun confiscation plans he has.


Yup, I reckon so.
Guess wat I meant was more like, “if they Try to confiscate, I’m waiting to see how that works out for them…”

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Well Febuary 2nd I got home from Wa. State and since then as the virus advanced I more or less self quarantined myself,and when different Counties started releasing the criminals I took my DP-12 double barrelled Pump out of its case and loaded it with first out with 12ga armor piercing,then 00aught buck,and then flechette’s and did the same load out with the 2 25 round Bandoliers and have it already locked and loaded and sitting beside me as I am reloading all my stock of ammo I have,not being paranoid but dont want to be surprised and caught off guard,am also carrying my 45 24/7.We do every thig on line and with messaging and the VA with teleconferconfercing


Hi, this is my first post. Other then following the social distancing guidelines and cutting down on going to stores, I have made no changes. I’m 73
served 6 years in the USASA. I’ve always been prepared for all scenarios. In ‘08 I upped my systems to 6 months of water (MRE’S) and increased all aspects of protection by a factor of 5. There are 24 others that are part of our community help and protection program. No one will be hungry or need
toilet paper. The rest is done in many ways. Always do what is right, help others and be prepared for the unknown. Might sound stupid but only the virus is
a unknown. We know all the rest because they openly flaunt it in our faces. Also, being a member of USCCA has been very enlightening.


Welcome to the Community @Dave24!

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Welcome Dave great wisdom


@Dave24 welcome to the community sir :mask: Glad you’re here to share your experience & knowledge.


Is Bear Mace legal, I’ve read in some States it is not, I do have spray Gel, not a chance to try it yet, so don’t know how good it is…

Welcome @Allen44 and @Dave24. Our routine has changed little other than for me to go searching for more information I feel I can trust, and that to serve the effort of being aware. Otherwise most things have been done, though I do try to rethink that list more regularly.

Title of the OP made me think a bit - thank you.

These days, I am paying more attention to home security than anything else, because we haven’t gotten out very much.

And here’s something to consdier, for everyone. A couple nights ago, some nice township PD guys saw the interior light of one of our cars on while parked on the street, prI do not obably 0200HRS. They stopped & knocked to alert me. While I did grab a looaded p365xl, I paused at the top of the stairs before going to the door, as I have an AR in 300BLK with a quite bright Streamlight attached, and considered grabbing it and lighting up the porch thru the sidelights of front door.

After all this was over, my light in car off, cops gone, etc., I thought about that. Had I grabbed the AR, then when I’d have arrived to the front door, I’d have been lighting them up with a fully loaded weapon, I do not believe that the law here allows for them to fire through my home windows for an armed threat, but still, that couldve went way nutso. When I was to the last stair where I could hear them, they were ceclaring themselves to be PD, and I said I was armed, After opening the door with muzzle pointed towards ground, I placed it on the stairs, went to see what the hell they were here for, got the light out, all good. I’m so glad I idn’t grab the AR. However, had it been people busting the door in, that would’ve been quite a different story.

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