Homeless man allegedly shot and killed by prominent realtor

Stuck in Lodi Again

This one happened early Tuesday morning south of me, where I lived for a couple of years in the early 2000s. Beautiful city but has a gang problem, and now overrun by homelessness.

My daughter’s boyfriend’s car was burglarized just last weekend while they were inside a movie theater. His sister’s car too.

Two versions of the story: Those closest to Makinano say he’d been accused of being too close to Sherman’s car.

“I’m confident when we do [go to court], Scott will come out as being a person who reacted to a situation where he thought his life, or someone who he cares about life, was endangered,” -shooter’s lawyer


It is my understanding if your in a self defense shooting you call 911 and wait for the police. You don’t leave the site and go home. Maybe Felix got too close to his car but we will never know because Scott left the scene and Felix is dead. Things just don’t add up


Calling 911 immediately after a self defense incident or in some cases even during or before if the situation allows should always be a priority. But I would not necessarily wait in an area for the police to arrive if I thought there were other potential threats nearby.

A definite lack of information in the article. The article also presented the limited information available in a very confusing manner. Hard to say what happened but sounds like there may have been witnesses so hopefully the jury can get a reasonably clear picture of what happened before making their decision.


I’d like to see blood tox screen for the prominent realtor. Explains no 911 call.


With limited info, failure to call 911 stands out.
I can only speculate the first and only call was to the lawyer.

As for leaving the scene of the crime, one could argue the shooter didn’t feel safe.
Note the time when the incident occurred.