Homeowners Arrested

From the lack of information I think the intruder called 911 first?


We’re going down! It’s happening faster than I thought!
Prepare yourselves accordingly.
Be extremely cautious during the holidays!
There’s a lot going on.
If your head is not spinning, then you’re not paying attention!


I’ll bet there is a lot going on here that we don’t know.

The man who was shot was on the porch, apparently not inside the home.

The woman apparently knows the man.


Lots of unknowns in this one. But regardless of the back story between these people this could well turn out to be another good example of why many self defense instructors recommend retreating to a defensible area inside the home instead of going out to confront potential intruders.


I would not rush to call this incident home invasion. Could be a dispute between customer(s) and vendor(s) of certain substance, or something even less suitable for a family forum


Or maybe the woman’s EX, she said she knew him.

Too many unknowns to make an intelligent comment, however, I am not surprised that the cops arrested the couple. Charges can always be dismissed if it is a self-defense situation. Article didn’t mention bail. If it was an OR release, it sounds as if the judge setting bail thought there was a weak case. One does not usually get an OR release on a murder charge if it looks substantially like it will go to trial. More to this than contained in the article. So what else is new?


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