Home Food Delivery Requires Situational Awareness

I was home this past Monday evening deciding on what to have for dinner. I decided to order pizza since I’ve exhausted all my options through door dash. I ordered around 8:15pm but my food did not arrive until close to 10pm. I called and spoke to a manager at the restaurant and was provided an account credit for some free pizza because of the delay. I’m not sure if the driver got an earful due to my call but it is possible.
Finally, when the knock on the door came, I was rounding a hallway close to the front door. I will typically have my EDC on me when I have strangers I’m expecting knock on my door when I answer like this. However, I was so close to the door I decided just to go and open it.
First observation, the delivery guy was super close to my door; I mean he was so close to me I could feel his breath on my face. This was very unusual. I had to ask him to step back.
Second observation, instead off handing me my food from his food bag, he turned the open bag for me to retrieve, therefore what seemed like he was trying to distract me and get me busy with my hands.
Third observation, as this was happening he quickly asked me about furniture that was behind me. He was trying to get me turn around. I did not turn around to look. I calmly kept my focus on his eyes and his body language. I just happened to be wearing my USSCA sweater with the logo on the front and that also has the American flag on my right sleeve that’s says “Born to Protect”. He looked at the logo and then the flag on my sleeve. I could tell he knew right away that I was not someone that could be easily manipulated.
As he looked down and away from me to process this information and his thoughts, I quickly look back at what he was asking about. He thought it was a speaker when it clearly was a cabinet so I let him know what it was.
I made sure I watched closely as he walked away. I thanked him and wished him a good night. I did not break my focus on him or start to close my door until he was safely far enough away for me to do so.
Thoughts on this scenario? Would you have thought the same way? Has anyone ever had something similar happen or where you just had instincts that something just was not right?


When the hairs start to stand up and you can smell his breath, time to start issuing orders! I don’t open my door anymore, even if I’m expecting. If an order from my local pizza joint is 5 minutes late I’m already on the phone! That was during the good old days when I ate pizza.

I will watch as you approach, assess your body language and act accordingly. Most people that have permission to come to my home, normally open the screen door, knock/ring ( I have cameras ) then usually step back outside the screen door. A respect of space.

If they don’t, I’ll communicate through the camera, if they are reluctant to follow orders, deal is off! I will call the company and request a new appointment. If I have to fake an emergency, so be it. At my home, the gut rules! As far as deliveries go I don’t get them. If I did, they can leave it on the ground or take it back. Their choice! My castle, my rules. I keep an Iron Maiden ( not the band ) in the dungeon, I mean basement!

I do like the way you felt in your gut that you were being manipulated by the furniture question. Never turn your back! Unless your wife is handing you the shotgun! Good thing you weren’t wearing your unicorn sweater. Things could have turned out worse.

However, him now knowing a little bit more about you, you may want to keep your eyes open for any strange visits. It was probably dark by you, but I would have gotten the license plate, make, model and color. I have lights so strong, I could see your VIN number.

My wife and I will usually record all vehicle information if it looks suspicious in ANY way whatsoever. Whether we are coming or going. Even if it’s a Prime vehicle that spent too much time making a delivery it’s videoed, license plate recorded, description of driver, time of day! When I’m asked did you notice anything, no matter how insignificant, I can say, yes, left rear wheel was missing a lug nut and the air valve looked loose. Binoculars do help a bit! Retired, extreme amount of time on my hands.

I don’t trust anyone, anywhere, anytime for any reason, they are coming out of the woodwork!

FYI everyday something is not right!
It ain’t paranoia if it’s happening! Head on a swivel!
Nice job glad your safe.


Thanks for sharing.
Whether it’s 6pm in December or 8pm in June, when it’s dark,
I take my time to answer the door, making sure I’m prepared.


I guess my first observation is, take the time to pick up your buddy, even if the guy at the door has to wait, we carry for a reason. I’m all about intuition, listening to that voice, believing what your senses are telling you. This looks to me like you did a great job.


We have door cams at the front door and the garage and there is an app on all our phones that alerts us that some one is approaching the door and we can see or take a picture of the person with out opening the door,but the only time my weapon is not in my shoulder holster is when i go to bed and then it is on the bed side table,and there is always one in the pipe


The electric guy knocked on my door the other day to say he was going to change my meter and caught me off guard and I didn’t want to make him wait so I answered the door. Thanks for the heads up I won’t let that happen again.


Sometimes I think I have trust issues. It is good to know that I am not the only one watching everyone do everything. Or at least that is how it feels sometimes.


I read this just before the window installers showed up, so I was a little more cautious, than I normally would be. Especially since they showed up in an old beater pick up, whereas I was expecting a truck with the logo on it, since I purchased from a Large National company.


Yes when I order I usually do the touch less delivery or if I can’t I’m always watching what’s going on and I have my wife watching as well


Our house has a long walkway to get to the front door.
We have a sturdy security screen that swings out.
If someone knocks or rings he doorbell, we let the dogs go the door first. Our big lab/conn hound mix has the hound bark you can hear up the block.
Then we open the house door part way to see who it is. Both dogs will still be barking and the person is usually half way or sometimes at the far end of the walkway. Gives plenty of time to assess who is there.
If it’s food, we will round the dogs up and put them away.
If it’s one of the many “solicitors” I just let them sit at the door barking, letting the “solicitor” know I can’t hear them. They give up and leave.
We rarely have actual visitors so this works well.

I am considering putting a camera out in front of the garage though as I can’t see anybody there if the person has “friends”.

BTW the lab/coon mix would most likely greet and lick an intruder. Our little puggle would be the one to try to bite, go figure…


One more reason to not have food delivered to your home:(

Guess that’s one advantage to living in a rural area where no one will deliver to:)